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6thMay 8, 2013 by crush
I'll give you an opinion

xCelestex - Alex, we were kinda close back in the day we talked a lot before, and I would always add you to call and you wouldn't talk lol you're nice to me we really should reconnect tbh

@torimarie Montana me and you have a rocky past. We go from being super close to hating each other and now we are okay. You are an honest person and don't hold back, and you are loyal to those loyal to you thats what I like about you.

Chlltownofcourse Cory me and you also have a rocky past, I got you in survivor and I thought you would hate me but we became super close, than shit pop off. I admit I've been fake towards you and wasn't a good friend at times and I felt bad. But me and you are on good terms right now I want it to remain that way

Steel I haven't really talked to you, I've seen you around the blogs page I guess, you seem like a nice guy shoot an inbox sometime :)

prince_Eric One of my very first friends on here who I still keep in contact with. We aren't as close as we use to be. Sometimes you can annoy me, and I annoy you back, you're funny to be on call with because you are like mr gossip. You get over the littlest things ugh sometimes i just want to strangle you :p but you will always be one of my bffs ily < 3

jm101 - Jeff you and I have talked in the past had a few conversations here in there, mostly in skype games. During skype game calls, you're like funny as hell. Tbh I'd be scared to go against you in those because you had like everyone on your side lol. But I thought you hated me , and you thought I hated you. Glad we cleared that up :)

Jirachi -I don't know you :'( Inbox me tho :D

RoseMaria - Sometimes you can act fake towards people, you said it yourself. You can be bipolar at times but you are a nice guy and sorry if I always beg you for gifts haha. We use to be close back in the day, and we talk here and there. Hope life is good for you :')

@Giggidy - We have had a rocky past as well, I met you in a skype game and you took me out in the duel :'( I thought you sucked but you didn't lol .After that we got super close like calls till 4 am and such. I use to have a crush on you :S... but than we started to argue a lot. I think to a point where we hated each other idk :L . now we really don't talk. Hope everything is well for you!

@Vans - Charlie I always see you around but we don't ever talk. You seem really nice inbox me dude !

Valdamien - My ghetto African Queen, I admit I use to add you to calls to start some drama :L but other than that you're funny as hell and really nice. I enjoy talking to you skype me soon :)

Carsonl - You're on my friends list and we don't even talk :( Inbox me :)

tommyboy614 - We were in a castings together. You are really nice and keep good conversation, we should talk more you seem like a good friend ! Also join another castings :P

ZombieOliver - Cody I met you in stars when I played on Manda account, and dude I fucking love you < 3 You were honest and loyal. We ran that game :L You were the Evil Dick to my Dani. I enjoyed our skype calls with your drunk self. We really need to talk more and play other games :* < 3

EDIT: When I get off of work ill update!


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;_; I cry
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meeeee :)
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ilyyyyy we defo should crush
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