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Who wants the eyes Aug 2, 2017
In icing shop?
I'll gift two people
I'm being serious, I'll choose two people who comments!
Edit: gifted one , gifting one more!
Edit: I'll gift one more person, anything they choose!
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Pyn May 26, 2017
For what I think about you!

Jenzie - You're really pretty, I don't know much of you but from your vlogs/blogs you're funny. Literally a queen of tengaged! You seem more mature now from when I first heard of you. I remember you use to troll a lot and cause a lot of drama but you seem more mellow!

Funnehliner - Are you the guy from big brother thingy? If so you're really cute and I love your accent. I hope you make it far in the game. You seem like a nice guy! HMU xo

Dumbginger - You like to troll the blogs page, and I think it's funny.  I don't know if I could take you seriously. But you do make the blogs page less boring, and are you really a ginger? Lmk!

meduncan - Timmy, I miss you! I miss going on call with you, and the group chats we use to be in together. We do snap each other from time to time. I want to reconnect with you! You're funny and I love your skype games they are always fun and lots of drama!

AllieBoBallie - I remember when I had the biggest crush on you! I even made a blog about it lmao. Do you remember that? We use to be really close back in the day! I miss you & our calls. I remember we had a falling out but I don't remember why? You're so pretty and funny. Hope you're doing good!!

robozoe - We literally hit it off the bat when we first met. I loved going on calls with you and trolling. We use to text all the time, and "dated" lmao. we aren't as close as we use to be but I think you're still pretty cool. I can't ever take you serious, you troll a lot.  But I'll always consider you a homie!

Lazeric - I honestly haven't talked to you once I don't believe? But I see you on the blog page from time to time. I'm always down to make new friends! HMU sometime xo

TheJohnny - I feel like we have played a few games together maybe in the past? If you want to elaborate on how you want to plow me, holla! I haven't really talked to you either but you seem super chill and laid back?

XxLoveWakizaxX - I feel like we have talked here and there through out the years I've been on this site, (trust me it has been a long fucking time lol), We may have had the same friend group at one time? NOT SURE, but I always see you on the blogs page. Be my friend lol ?

finklestein123 - We kinda have known each other for a while, You reminded me so much of @paypal101, I remember you use to like to troll back in the day, (i don't know about now?) Everytime paypal added you to a call you wouldn't really talk, and for some reason I thought you hated me, I think we played a stars together and you me evicted for 16th lmao. 

Joseline - Honestly another iconic diva on this site. Everything about you, is a YAS! I really don't know you but from your vlogs I already love you lmao! You're also gorgeous girl. I love your attitude and the drama you bring to the site from time to time! You're def a trend setter you go girl! HMU sometime xoxo< 3

Nikki101 - oh my girl, we had such a rocky past, lmao I was so immature back in the day, and would be petty af. Honestly from what I remember you were always fun to talk to on call when there was not any drama. I feel like our group of friends didn't like each other so we didn't really talk as much. I think you're pretty af and wouldn't mind reconnecting with you girl! Good-luck in stars it looks like you're doing great.

steven999 - First of all I love your avatar, she is such a queen & I don't know you at all either :/ We seem to have similar interest when it comes to who we like on big brother! but message me sometime

Teddybear - I feel like I remember you from a different username? If it is, girl you're pretty! I think I remember you coming out as a lesbian on TG? if not I'm so sorry!!! but I feel like back in the day we had the same friend group but never really talked! I like how you always speak your mind!!!

Monomial - OMG, we use to be close back in the day, I don't know if you remember? We were in a skype chat with Juliechen24 Prince_eric & others. We would always join games together and run them, I think thats you if not thats awks!! You were always nice, and fun to talk too!! hmu

GeneralPeeta - You seem like a great person, I don't know you, but you should hmu!

Steel - Let me start off by saying HOTTIE!!! lmao I bet you have all the gays hitting on you. But in all seriousness you seem like a super cool guy, I feel like we have talked from time to time but its usually me saying something dumb haha, I need some bros in my life & I won't hit on you lmao. You have some funny blogs sometimes, I love the frat boy vibe you have!! Talk to me more xo Good-luck in stars yo!

Brandonpinzu - We had the same circle of friends a while back but didn't really talk. I feel like you didn't like me back in the day? But it wasn't until that group game we played that we started to talk. I love you even though you nominated me lmao!  You're fun to talk too, and I feel like we could become closer friends add me on skype hoe xoxo

Notafraid - At some point on this site we were close, We use to talk all the time if I recall? You were always so nice! I think you're pretty, and I love your vlogs when you post them! We kinda just drifted apart and went to different friend groups! We should def keep in touch girl!

Litecitrus - Cody loves you, even though we don't talk anymore. I enjoyed being on call with you, and playing games. You always knew how to make me laugh. Your skype games were always so fun and full of drama (I think you hosted them). I follow you on IG and you a cutie :p! We should talk again! Miss ya

MarieTori - Oh my, I've known you for a long time. Our friendship was always up and down. We could go from being the best of friends on call, trolling the blogs, or hating each other and screaming at each other on skype. I do miss the old days, it was much more fun. I always thought you were cute lmao. We don't talk at all anymore but I miss being on call talking to you & your mom < 3

amf7410 - I feel like back in the day we use to be good friends? You were always nice and friendly towards me. We might have played a stars together not sure either lol? But you should def hmu and catch up!
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high Mar 16, 2017
Tag my username on this blog please
I need 40 people xoxo
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Off Mar 3, 2017
I need 20 people to tag my name for a group challenge please!
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Life Dec 16, 2015
I have extra T and I'm feeling nice. I'm going to gift one person an item of their choice. It's going to be at random. So post what you want in shops.
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Enjoy Nov 21, 2015
Who wants a gift? :)
Also rate my avatar xo.
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