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✩ Montana [Marietori] ✩

13thSep 3, 2022 by chibideidara
esp if it flares up for like no reason bc im the type to ruin any progress ive made in a year all in 1 day and end up feeling even shittier after it ends.


Sent by koolness234,Sep 3, 2022
Sent by lexeyjane,Sep 3, 2022
Sent by Choices,Sep 3, 2022
Me with drugs
Sent by Danger,Sep 3, 2022
love you edgar! stay strong papi
Sent by ManniBoi,Sep 3, 2022
love u
Sent by Spacebryce,Sep 4, 2022
it do be like that .  Sleep usually helps. Everything may not be fixed, but u feel less angry and more calm after u wake up! I also suggest distracting urself by doing what u enjoy(taking walks, watching things, etc).
Sent by GeorgeFlair,Sep 4, 2022
No I agree those actually suck
Sent by salmaan,Sep 4, 2022
ik what u mean but its a marathon not a sprint!!! i know what its like and its tough to hear from others during it, but legit there is 365 days a year and that means you can have 36 episodes like this and its still legit as little as 10%!!!!

do not see it as losing progress/falling back, its just a drop in a barrel that is ur life and i am very proud of the progress you have and continue to make!!! =]
Sent by vansreborn,Sep 4, 2022
ty all hehe i survived the demons im feeling better today vansreborn georgeflair spacebryce manniboi
Sent by chibideidara,Sep 4, 2022

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