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  1. its my birthday today :)
  2. Bye TG
  3. It was a good 9 years
  4. i think its hella immature
  5. ⭐ Finals in stars 556, Unnommed again ⭐
  6. a robbery in the big brother house
  7. stars support
  8. My bb21 draft
  10. Thanks for everyone that voted me. <3333
  11. No one jumping Corey
  12. Ok jokes aside
  13. Your dad has a nice dick
  14. why do people in stars
  15. Lmaoooo
  16. danger been threatening to pee on children
  17. LoL Big Brother - Finale
  18. LMAOOOOO Coreys mom texted him this
  19. hes turned against us
  20. Since im back for a bit
  21. yall say its easy bc it was 8 pieces
  22. LoL Big Brother - Week 93 to present
  23. Zuelke on call
  24. xxxpect the unxxxpected
  25. I was at pride and I saw Haleigh
  26. When you copy and paste
  27. I remember back in 2015 during bb17
  28. He got banned for witchcraft, not a multi
  29. God thats so frustrating.
  30. Guess my stars %
  32. hes so fake trying to get me up in stars
  33. ❤Nommed for 5th place in stars mom❤
  34. Who should i nominate for 4th in stars
  35. I get stars is about communication
  36. never felt the need to filter anyone
  37. The nudes could at least
  38. u might have stopped weed
  39. my game is over b4 it even started
  40. i dont mean to sound condescending

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its my birthday today :) Jul 22, 2019
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Bye TG Jul 14, 2019
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It was a good 9 years Jul 14, 2019
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i think its hella immature Jul 13, 2019
to deadass lie in order snatch votes from ppl who dont know any better. esp when ive been nice and respectful about the situation. eoin

in reality, you didn't get nommed because we wanted you out, you were nommed multiple times because you didnt do anything all game or try to save urself. Every DC except for the one for 4th you did what me or eyoomarcus told you to do.

At least flavors ATTEMPT to save themselves, you were just a sheep that got saved 4 times.
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⭐ Finals in stars 556, Unnommed again ⭐ Jul 13, 2019
imageHey Tengaged! Here i am once again looking for your vote. As much as i want to explain my game in full detail i think it was pretty obvious, the two unnommed in a row speaks for itself.

No one else in this cast could speak the way i did, even while in minority i got someone from the other side up whenever i wanted it by seeking out the cracks. Same way i saved myself multiple times. I always do what i need to do to take my ass straight to the finale and i sure hope i can be awarded for that.

Maturo was woke when he called me a good gameplayer.

give me the win gals i need t's, VOTE ME!!!

Stan Loona

- ur fave latino edgar ponce

also daily reminder


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a robbery in the big brother house Jul 12, 2019
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