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Cutie Chibi

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hey ^__^ Sep 1, 2023
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colter on here Jul 25, 2023
STILL complaining about a stars

ive moved on
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Chibz out Nov 15, 2022
imageSean and I both leaving is purely coincidental, the boy obsessed gag is over.

Tbh i have learned so much about myself on here, and met many people ive become close to. Even tho those memories will never really fade, i think ive reached a stage in my life in where i feel like i can and.. Kinda want to move on from this community, friends included. More of like my whole online life tbh.

My entire time on the internet, my media has been strictly online and ive never mixed my irl life with it. So with that, im also deleting any online presence i have, including disc but ill be on it for a lil bit if anyone wants like a personal goodbye or smth. I might come back in many years if this site fr still going strong when im like 35 or some shit, but i hope you all the best.

To the friends i made on here, ill love and treasure you forever in my thoughts. #Chibiisoverparty Goodbye kings and queens. ❤
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i have so much love Nov 14, 2022
to give
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O_O Nov 12, 2022
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