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Rip @LadyLizard

1stJan 16, 2016 by bluesapphire
I just spoke with one of Carlena's childhood frieinds who confirmed everything that Jono said. Please stop the negative blogs. Nothing is on her Fb probably because it just happened  today and they probably have family/friends they need to contact.

Update: This is her friends status posted about 20 mins ago

It saddens me to tell you all today Carlena Brown passed away. We all loved her. There's nothing else we can say. We love you. We will miss you. Always. We are heartbroken as a family. Her mum thought this would be the best way to tell all her friends from all parts of the world. We are broken


omg :(
Sent by RobertGuajardo,Jan 16, 2016
so sad, may she rest in peace
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Jan 16, 2016
howd she pass?
Sent by Bearcat,Jan 16, 2016
omg no :(
Sent by mathboy9,Jan 16, 2016
this is really upsetting :(
Sent by Whoa,Jan 16, 2016
OMG hope ur ok jonob xx
Sent by Streams,Jan 16, 2016
Sent by Gardenia,Jan 16, 2016
aw that's awful :( I really sorry to hear about this

she was so nice too ;'(

Rest in peace LadyLizard
Sent by Pegasus1234,Jan 16, 2016
this is just so tragic =/
Sent by turney1805,Jan 16, 2016
Carlena was really lovely the interactions over the years that I had with her :(

Hope those joking about it get their karma comeuppance.
Sent by Carlisle,Jan 16, 2016
If Carlena was still here she'd correct you right now but in her memory I will it's you're not ur Streams
Sent by Manda17_xoxo,Jan 16, 2016
manda17_xoxo pretty sure you're the girl that bullied jennibabh on call
Sent by Streams,Jan 16, 2016
Never been on call with her streams
Sent by Manda17_xoxo,Jan 16, 2016
Rest In Peace Carlena you will be missed!!
ILY bluesapphire
Sent by gagaluv,Jan 16, 2016
Ily 2 gagaluv
Sent by bluesapphire,Jan 16, 2016
RIP ladylizard  I never got to meet you, but I'm sure you were a great woman.  Your family has my condolences for you.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jan 16, 2016
RIP Ladylizard you will be missed it was great to get to know you on this site
Sent by joshie1,Jan 16, 2016
Rest in Paradise :/
Sent by denisg29,Jan 16, 2016
this sucks :( she was an amazing person!
Sent by superman11,Jan 16, 2016
only played 1 game with them, but rip
Sent by ItsAustin,Jan 16, 2016
RIP ladylizard
I don't know who u are, but everyone is saying good things, so may you have a great afterlife
Sent by ThisIsMyGame,Jan 16, 2016
I am so sorry to hear this. I still remember talking to her on Skype and the funny message she put on a design she gifted me.
Sent by Diva1,Jan 16, 2016
Rip ladylizard, I'm sure she's a very lovely lady :(
Sent by Tetsuya,Jan 17, 2016
damn son
Sent by DCSooner,Jan 17, 2016
Rip ladylizard :(
Sent by cswaggerr,Jan 17, 2016
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Jan 17, 2016
Thinking of you, Beth < 3
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jan 17, 2016
Thank you PrincessTeePee
Sent by bluesapphire,Jan 17, 2016
No no no noooo:'((((
Sent by Lamia,Jan 17, 2016
wtf wtf?? shes the same age as me??
Sent by LoveLife,Jan 17, 2016


RIP < 3
Sent by panda6785,Jan 17, 2016
Whoa what? How did she die?? RIP of the best Challengers on this site
Sent by Brad13535,Jan 17, 2016
It's sad, I only played like 2 games with her
Sent by sportsgeek12,Jan 17, 2016
This is so sad :(
Sent by MichelleWilliams,Jan 17, 2016

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