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RIP Martin

1stJun 6, 2023 by bluesapphire
Sadly WpwSers196 passed away last night. He will be forever loved and missed.

Edit: Martin had a heart attack, he had to be put on life support, he had a collapsed lung and a brain injury. His father made the choice to remove life support last night.


OMG??? Please tell me this is not real Beth.
Sent by Eilish,Jun 6, 2023
Eilish I'm so sorry
Sent by bluesapphire,Jun 6, 2023
Omg I can’t believe this …. i just Also read Manda’s blog that I missed. This is heartbreaking. Rip Martin 😢🖤
Sent by Vanili,Jun 6, 2023
Sent by cocacola12,Jun 6, 2023
Rip 🥲
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Jun 6, 2023
Sent by Tester,Jun 6, 2023
Sent by Steefano,Jun 6, 2023
Rip :( So very sorry to hear :(
Sent by M2thamax,Jun 6, 2023
What happened??? let us to know RIP
Sent by MattM,Jun 6, 2023
MattM read the top blog :/
Sent by Tester,Jun 6, 2023
RIP :(
Sent by CocoVanderbilt,Jun 6, 2023
Sent by milliv,Jun 6, 2023
This is so fucking sad. He was a really nice guy from our interactions back in the day.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Jun 6, 2023
This is devastating never met or talked to him but he seemed like a nice genuine guy and extremely loved not fair to be taken away from everyone this early Rest in Piece Martin 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Sent by SaskiaRae,Jun 6, 2023
کیف پول بیت کوین چیست؟
Sent by talaex,Jun 6, 2023
آینده بیت کوین چیست؟
Sent by talaex,Jun 6, 2023
i didn’t know him but may he rest in peace 🕊️
Sent by Mackey,Jun 6, 2023
Ban Virus brandonpinzu talaex
Sent by MattM,Jun 6, 2023
Omg, this is so sad. Rip :(
Sent by bamold1999,Jun 6, 2023
RIP king 😔
Sent by Thnksfrthmmrs,Jun 6, 2023
Rip 🥲
Sent by Bertinho,Jun 6, 2023
Omg, sad... rip
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Jun 6, 2023
I'm so sorry for everyone who knew him and now has to go through this. Sending lots upon lots of love <3
Sent by BigBrotherSuperToMe,Jun 6, 2023
Rest in peace
Sent by Almeida008,Jun 6, 2023
Oh my God. That's so sad. He was always really nice. Rip
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Jun 6, 2023
Omg.... he will be missed rip :(
Sent by Boots22,Jun 6, 2023
oh no :(
Sent by LittleMix,Jun 6, 2023
Oh no :(
Sent by countrysavage,Jun 6, 2023
wow :(
Sent by gagaluv,Jun 6, 2023
RIP :(
Sent by Cromatique,Jun 6, 2023
Sent by systrix,Jun 6, 2023
rip ❤️
Sent by hausofkimchi,Jun 6, 2023
I'm so sorry to hear that. I remember I used to join games with him and the night crew alliance back in 2009 and 2010. He was always very nice to me. I will keep all of his family and friends in my thoughts and prayers.
Sent by Megan,Jun 6, 2023
Sent by Miiaa,Jun 6, 2023
RIP, prayers to his family.
Sent by Pekka,Jun 6, 2023
This is so sad RIP 💙
Sent by jason_2_12,Jun 6, 2023
No :(
Sent by Xyris,Jun 6, 2023
RIP 🪦:(
Sent by RyguyPower,Jun 6, 2023
RIP :(
Sent by turney1805,Jun 6, 2023
Very sad :(
Sent by BenjaminB,Jun 6, 2023
Río what happens in the site... 3 deads in the last year... sad
Sent by Javichu,Jun 6, 2023
Wow so sorry to hear this news. RIP
Sent by Kimistry,Jun 6, 2023
This is just awful tbh :(
Sent by Jasmina,Jun 6, 2023
Rip Martin
Sent by Music,Jun 6, 2023
RIP Martin <3
Sent by Juliann,Jun 6, 2023
RIP :(
Sent by Thiii,Jun 6, 2023
heartbreaking :(
Sent by gagaluv,Jun 7, 2023
I pray this isn’t true I loved you wpwsers196

Can somebody reliable please confirm if this is true 😢😢😢 sorry bluesapphire you lied about your cancer diagnosis many years ago so I don’t trust you.
Sent by Joker121,Jun 7, 2023

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