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Oct 14, 2017 by awwsum11
A few months ago, the realization hit me. I was turning 17.

It's not like a big milestone like 16, 18, or 21 but I truly believe that I have grown so much just in the time span of one year. There were a lot of regrets I made that I would take back but from those mistakes, I learned so much more.

Joining this site was not one of those mistakes. As most of yall know, I took a break back in October 2016 from this site in order to focus on school, and that year was r o u g h. When I came back in June 2017, I didn't expect there to be a lot of open arms (and for the most part there weren't). As I continued through group games, I slowly became more and more connected to the site, and even created friends that I guarantee I will not ever forget.

When Christian_ posted a birthday blog for me ( ), I won't lie, I cried tears of happiness. Sure, there's always the people who say "it's an online game, how can you get that invested?" To them, I say you simply haven't found as good of friends as I have.

I'm sorry if this blog is written poorly, but I had to make it to show my appreciation to everyone in that blog and everyone else who I've become friends with over the years.

Thank you for being there, and to another year of rambunctiousness!


Sent by Christian_,Oct 14, 2017
love you so much <3
Sent by Lalisa,Oct 14, 2017
Sent by ilovetosing,Oct 14, 2017
Yet you ignore my Skype message.
Sent by Ryan_Jambe,Oct 16, 2017
16thOct 14, 2017 by Christian_

Eric, Eric, Eric, you're such an amazing kid, and to be able to watch you become such a great, standup young man is truly an honor in my life. You're beyond nice, beyond kind, and beyond one of the best people on this site.

To prove it, here's a couple things some people I gathered had to say about you :)

"I like to compare life to your RSF career, just always remember amidst the sea of flop performances there'll always be a Gauntlet 2. Happy Birthday!" - RShowFreak

“Eric! A king, a legendary figure, my sheep. I’ll never forget officially meeting and playing with you for the first time in a group game in TTBB where you took me out when I had no one in my corner  I’ll still continue to remind you of that, and I’ll still remain salty about that game even though I played horrendously. Anyways, as your shepherd it is my duty to lead you to the greenest of pastures where the grass is moist and the thick scent of damp soil is present as I break the Earth’s surface with my mighty staff. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job in that department, and I’ve molded together a pretty decent group game player in the process  I joke, I joke, but in all seriousness, getting to know you a lot better these past couple of months has been very refreshing and I just love having a good time with you! Whether it’s playing a group game, or playing roblox on calls, or just messing around in our group chat, you don’t take things so seriously, you’re really funny, and it’s the simple qualities like that that make up a good person and an even greater friend. I hope you have the best day today, and I wish you luck with school and anything else going on in your life right now. If you ever need to talk about ANYTHING, my messages are always open  Happy Birthday man” - Ethan000

“eric i love u! happy birthday bro. i remember casting you for my survivor rio de janeiro. you were  a white or yellow level at the time but your application really stood out! i have no regrets on casting you for the many times after that despite you flopping. i loved getting to know you over the years and you really have turned into a great young man. wish you the best of luck both on tengaged and in your real life. love you brother” - Gaiaphagee

“Happy 17th Birthday, son! You always make us proud, not only for being kickass at group games, but having great values (which we taught you). We hope that you get to do everything that you love on your birthday including: singing, Robloxing, and sheeping Ethan.   your parents, Jacob & Chase” - bambinoswag & BOBROCKS333

“Happy Birthday Eric  You're such an amazing person and I love everything about you, you're just so nice. We only met this year and you've managed to become on of my favourite people on this site, you're literally amazing and I really hope you have a great day, you deserve it” - MoooHades

“Eric!!!!Happy birthday dude! I still fondly remember the days where you, I, and Brittany for Team BAE and took over the group game scene. I am so happy that we are friends, and although you are awful at keeping our streaks, you make up for it with your sense of humor! Don't drink too much apple cider and don't party too hard!” - rawr121

“Happy Birthday bff to one of my favorite people in the history of ever. :)” - Jaxon

“Happy Birthday Eric! I hope you have a wonderful day and that you actually learn to spell my bloody username correctly, you muppet! Jk, but for real stay awesome and I hope your day is incredible! You deserve it!” - turney1805

“Eric, I'm so thankful that I got the chance to meet you, play with you, and stay your friend for the amount of time we've known one another. You're definitely one of the most loyal and honest guys I've met and I hope that we can stay friends for a long time coming! Glad you're focusing on school but we miss you, come back :(“ - LaFierceBrittany2

“Hey buddy! I've been on and off this site since early 012. And we've known each other for years. It's amazing at how small our bond once was and now we're practically twins with the same name and interests. Haha. Only kidding. But, congrats on making to 17 years of age! I hope you have a wonderful day and hope each birthday wish and message brings joy to your day! Happy Birthday mate!” - YoundandReckless

“Eric, I’ve always loved how you keep things light-hearted all the time and always have something witty to say regardless of the situation. You’ve been a great person to talk to, play games with, and overall just to be around! Happy Birthday, and I wish you many more where that came from!” - nbkiller

"Eric, I literally love you so much. We don't talk all the time, but when we do, I enjoy every minute of it. You always make me laugh with your randomly thrown in comments in group chats & I think you're absolutely hilarious. I hope you have a birthday as great as you! <3" - iYBF

“Hi awwsum11, it’s me - your fave Chili Lalisa Racisa Larissa Loser Lynch. HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY ERIC!!! I truly revel in and find solace in the form of our calls, you bullying me on snapchat and me gifting you because you’re basically my soul-mate? I’m so glad our relationship has continued to grow and I’m hopeful we’ll continue on this path together. Thank you and enjoy your day. I love you Eric. ❤️” - Lalisa

Anyways, happy 17th birthday man, I hope it and all the ones in the future are as great as you are. Love you <3
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