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Wow Oct 14, 2017
A few months ago, the realization hit me. I was turning 17.

It's not like a big milestone like 16, 18, or 21 but I truly believe that I have grown so much just in the time span of one year. There were a lot of regrets I made that I would take back but from those mistakes, I learned so much more.

Joining this site was not one of those mistakes. As most of yall know, I took a break back in October 2016 from this site in order to focus on school, and that year was r o u g h. When I came back in June 2017, I didn't expect there to be a lot of open arms (and for the most part there weren't). As I continued through group games, I slowly became more and more connected to the site, and even created friends that I guarantee I will not ever forget.

When Christian_ posted a birthday blog for me ( ), I won't lie, I cried tears of happiness. Sure, there's always the people who say "it's an online game, how can you get that invested?" To them, I say you simply haven't found as good of friends as I have.

I'm sorry if this blog is written poorly, but I had to make it to show my appreciation to everyone in that blog and everyone else who I've become friends with over the years.

Thank you for being there, and to another year of rambunctiousness!
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'What Happened to Monday' Rankings Sep 4, 2017
1 - Friday
2 - Wednesday
3 - Monday
4 - Saturday
5 - Thursday
6 - Tuesday
7 - Sunday
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IceIceBaby Survey Aug 31, 2017
imageWrite down in the comments below.
What is its name:

A) Andrea
B) Andrew
C) André
D) Mandrea
E) Carl

The answer may shock you.
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omg I found a video of MoooHades irl Aug 19, 2017

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Counting Blog Aug 9, 2017
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No title Jul 25, 2017
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