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Hello, my name is chili con carnΓ©. β™‘

forever's gonna start tonight.


(angel emoji) ┐(β€˜ο½ž`οΌ›)β”Œ

you have withered, i have bloomed - and it's over. i choose life.

"...So farewell to my friend.

He who taught me to love like a beast and to feast like the queen that he fed turtle soup! Little boy from Paris to the States, check the facts. That was Magical Max.

He was black sheep, and mischief, and love for his craft, and he told me that I was Apollo 13 on that very last day. He said "shoot for your dreams, little girl. To the stars!" Well, I'm taking you with me now, this one is ours. And I know what you'd say, you'd say, "On with the show!"

So on we go..."

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