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♡ in my head i do everything right ♡ Sep 28, 2020
anyone else think it is incredibly bizarre that people will keep screenshots of someone saying a slur for a later time to expose them and try to get them "cancelled" on this site lmao? like if you had such a big issue with a comment made, why not directly message maxi1234 and have that conversation to educate him? instead u wait to post it on the blogs page to only incite hatefulness and not provoke meaningful conversation and understanding. u are doing it all wrong tg !!! u cant seriously expect change if u are standing in the way of growth.
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♡ cuz love is love, it never ends ♡ Sep 22, 2020
NOMINATED FOR 11TH - HELLO TENGAGED. As you can see, there has been a brief power struggle these last few rounds to make some waves in the game. Going up against a 7 member premade has been challenging but as of late, we've been able to make it work. I need you, THE TENGAGED PUBLIC,,,,to support me and my cause in surviving this poll. This is only my first stars game, but after seeing the way some people are playing I know I can make shit happen...just help me get over this hurdle first !!! GL Brandon. ♡♡♡
vote to save LALISA! x
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♡ mind over matter ♡ Sep 20, 2020
lets have this conversation
sjsoccer88 Put up Lalisa. That bitch is still pressed I didn’t flirt back and send him nudes

this is the same person i sent c/p erotica memes to and laughed at behind his back w lovelykiss . i would never try to get nudes off a yt man regardless, especially not from one of the easiest ppl on the site LMAOOOO and yes that is me dragging u for ur apparent bodycount u told me u have on this website in less than a year of being out as a gay man.

the only reason that midlife crisis personified is mad @ me, is bc he tried to throw a fake frookies charity game and got 13th. i laughed at him along w the rest of the chat, he took it out on me by kicking me twice from said chat and had the entire chat gaslight me into being the bad guy when his dumb adult baby ass was the one crying after i @'d him in pms. grow up, u'd think for someone that spent their entire life in the closet that u'd be a little bit more intelligent than what u are.
update bc he decided to edit his blog to @ me: im 21 years old and im apparently too old to be on the website LMAOOOO, how am i too old when i told u my age and u told me i was so young? i apparently flirted w u for weeks but u claimed u were jealous if i had a boyfriend? im ugly on the outside but i look better than ur grocery greeter looking ass? all ur bitch ass ever does is whine in games bc u can never make it to a finale just seems like PROJECTION to me, im sorry u are so insecure and it humiliates u when someone ever so slightly teases or embarrasses u.... tough life for u to live man!

im sure u will run to delete those messages like u did when i said happy birthday to u and u took a screenshot and deleted ur messages saying thank u LMAO? weirdo

thank u for showing that i tried to apologize to u for my messages but u couldnt apologize for how shit u treated me lmao, thank u to the ppl that used to be in that chat for messaging me apologies for what went down!

this is the same person that also said this btw tg public:

Y’all let the underage freak who tries to lure older people To like them win

He should be labeled the pedophile! Not his friends. Don’t blame the aggressor. He is not a victim nor should he act like one. He’s a horrible person and karma will bite him in the ass!"
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♡ life is a mystery ♡ Apr 11, 2019
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♡ it's just a silly phase i'm going through ♡ Jun 23, 2018
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♡ all wrapped in cellophane ♡ Apr 29, 2017

this is a petition to unban me from the series bc i was unfairly banned for calling iybf a jew in a non-discriminatory manner!!! it was never that serious alex, unban me from the series and unfilter me (lol wtf?)

u know im a good competitor and that i dont give up, i literally competed in a 19 hour elimination only to lose bc of my partner, i deserve a second chance tbh! #justiceforlalisa

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