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Big Brother Friends List

Oct 27, 2015 by awwsum11
imageThis is the template.  If you are one of your top 15 friends then keep everything the same except swap out yourself with your #16 friend

Robbyjak made me do it

Winner: turney1805
Runner-Up: nbkiller
Bitter Juror: mrcool
Showmance: preznewton44 and thewinner
Twin Twist: AlmightyOZ and AlmightyOZ
Won jury return competition: JuiceBxx
First Boot: huzzah
Went Power Crazy first time they won HOH and was backdoored the next week: Ethan000
Most Robbed: NJKoda1998 #NJesus
Competition Beast: Robbyjak
Expelled: Js21
Most Nominated: DanielzSnooz
Pulled biggest move of the season: bigben1996

Also, doesn't the picture look so natural? Believe it or not, they didn't actually get together for it! :O


Plussed even though this sucks for me.
Sent by huzzah,Oct 27, 2015
I'm bitter
Sent by mrcool,Oct 27, 2015
Most Robbed: NJKoda1998 #NJesus

this would be me tbh
Sent by NJKoda1998,Oct 27, 2015
But the real question is who is my twin?
Sent by AlmightyOZ,Oct 28, 2015

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