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Death House Season 2 (Holiday Edition) Episode 4

Dec 28, 2018 by adeleadele
1. Billy. V Bvance1212
2. Cece. C Sphyxn
3. Jacko. N Jacko308
4. Krissy. D YandereBoy12
5. Lana. K SharonMaItems
6. Rachel. X xRachel
7. Tommy. C Tommy123
8. Trinity. T BarbraStreisand   

9th J. P Jasoi - Dead Night 2
10th Adrica. C FoxTrot - Dead Night 2
11th Dylan. T RavenWhiteFeather  - Dead Night 1
12th Kate. A Macda27  - Dead Night 1

                                                      Episode 4- Decapitation

                                                              8:05 PM

Adele- All the votes are in! The person with the most votes and will be competing in the Death Competition is……… Krissy!

*Krissy is speechless*

Adele- The person with the 2nd most votes and will be competing in a slightly easier Death Competition is……. Billy!

Billy- Oh wow :/ I don’t really know what i did but ok.

Trinity- Good luck you 2!

Billy- Thanks Trinity

Adele- Krissy your up first

*Adele and Krissy go to the backyard*

Adele- This competition is called “Decapitation” And this is how it will work. You will put your head through this wooden hole above you there is a extremely sharp saw, it will drop at a very high speed and will completely chop off your head

Krissy- Um holy shit, so how do i survive?

Adele- Lemme finish bitch. To get out out of the hole you must use this much smaller saw which i will hand to you. You must cut through the wood using one hand, you will have only 2 minutes.

Krissy- Well rip me.

Adele- Time to Put u in

*Adele puts Krissy’s head through the hole*

Krissy- Oh my god i’m scared.

*Adele gives Krissy a small saw*

Adele- Time starts NOW!

*Krissy begins cutting*


*Instead of doing it fast she starts to cut it slowly and forcefully*

*1 minute passes, she is more than halfway done*

Krissy- Omg i can actually do this

*20 Seconds left, she’s almost done*

*With 15 minutes left she cuts the wood and is free*

Krissy- WHAT? I DID IT?

Adele- Yep Congratulations you survived!


*Krissy runs back into the house*


Tommy- Wow Congrats!

Krissy- Thank you so much!

Lana- Did not expect you to finish it since everyone else died

Krissy- Same, it was quite hard too, Billy you could prob do it easily

Billy- Ok thanks.

*Adele and Billy go to the backyard*

Billy- Oh god wtf is this

*Adele explains the comp to Billy, he has 4 minutes*

Billy- Ok i can do this, probably

*Adele puts Billy into the Wooden Hole*

*Adele passes Billy a saw*

Adele- Ok time starts now!

*Billy starts cutting the wood*

Billy- This is harder than i thought

*Billy begins panicking, and does a shitty ass job at cutting it*



*2 Minutes pass and he's struggling*

Billy- I really never used a saw in my life, that’s why this is so hard

*3 Minutes pass and he’s halfway done*

Billy- Shit, Shit, Shit

*3 Minutes and 55 seconds pass, he’s almost done*

Billy- Welp. Bye.

*4 Minutes pass*

*A huge saw above him falls and decapitates him*

*Adele walks into the house*

Adele- Billy Died, see you all for tomorrow’s death competition!

Krissy- What the fuck?

Lana- Krissy how did you survive?

Krissy- I literally just had to cut through wood

Lana- That sounds easy

Krissy- It was, Billy probably got more time than i did and he still died

Trinity- I guess some people can’t cut wood properly

Krissy- I guess not

*Tommy is emotionless*

*Jacko goes into the Diary Room*

Jacko- Damn i wanted Krissy to die so my time in here could of been better, i’m still paranoid shes gonna try to do something to me again tonight

*Some bread and cheese are put onto the table*

CeCe- YAS a gurl needs to eat

Lana- CeCe you literally only talk about eating

CeCe- Yeah cuz it’s my fav thing to do

Trinity- Fat ass LOL!

CeCe- Excuse me?

Trinity- Oh gurl i was just joking

CeCe- Did not find that funny :/

Trinity- Woah girl i thought we were friends, you can’t even take a joke

*Trinity goes into the Diary Room*

Trinity- Me and CeCe are close, close friends can joke around with each other, but this bitch got so offended so easily, she is skinny as a twig so i did not think calling her a fat ass would of been offensive. Those kind of people are the worst.

10:30 PM: *The houseguests get ready for bed*

Jacko- Krissy please don’t randomly suck my dick tonight

Krissy- Why not?

Jacko- Ur such a slut

Krissy- Your so boring oh my god, Tommy wanna have sex with me?

Tommy- Uhh i’m kind of ugly

Krissy- Ur not like bad, and i’m desperate lowkey

Tommy- Sure :)

Krissy- OMG i did not expect that answer coming from u!

*Tommy and Krissy have sex on the floor*

                                                             DAY 4
                                                            8:27 AM

Krissy- Tommy that Sex was amazing

Tommy- I know it was great!

*CeCe goes to the diary room*

CeCe- I feel like people forget im 16 :/ Im a MINOR! And people are having sex right beside me, this is the 2nd fucking time it’s happened, i don’t like confrontation but it’s disgusting.

9:30 AM- Some more Bread and cheese are put on the table

CeCe- Yas some food!

Jacko- Shame it was a smaller portion than last night.

Trinity- Yeah im highkey gonna starve….

12:00 PM- CeCe decides to Confront Krissy

CeCe- Please don’t get mad at me but i kind of have a issue

Krissy- Uh ok i think i kind of know…

CeCe- Yeah about the sex… its the 2nd time you were doing it beside me, i was uncomfortable

Krissy- Why didn't you say so in the first place? That’s totally fine i will do it away from you

CeCe- Wow really? Thanks!

Krissy- Yeah i'm not some nasty bitch like people think i am

CeCe- Ur nicer than people think

Krissy- Yeah i can be a bit full on sometimes.

4:25 PM: Jacko and Rachel are flirting

Jacko- Rachel i would like to thank you again for the support yesterday it meant a lot!

Rachel- Oh of course any time!

Jacko- Your pretty cute honestly

Rachel- Oh really? People don’t say that to me too often, i think your pretty cute as well!

Jacko- Thanks same here *blushes*

*Rachel goes to the diary room*

Rachel- I’m a good girl so i won’t be having sex with Jacko in the house, but he’s so damn cute and sweet, i could see us being together if we survive this.

6:37 PM- Tommy goes to the diary room

Tommy- I can’t stand this house. I just had sex with Krissy cuz she’s extremely hot and i just wanted to forget about Billy dying :/ He was a great friend and i can’t believe he did not make it.

7:55 PM- Krissy goes to the diary room

Krissy- I’m pretty sure people are gonna vote me again, i can’t believe i’m the sole person to survive a competition, i don’t think anyone really likes me except Tommy, CeCe seemed nice too although she had a problem with me. Just praying i can survive in the next death competition

                                                                   NIGHT 4
                                                                   8:00 PM

Adele- Hi again, time to vote for who you would like to compete in the next Death Competition like always most votes will compete in a hard death competition 2nd most voted a easier version of the same competition!

You have till 8:00 PM EST Tomorrow to vote! Also no episode tomorrow cuz i lowkey am not feeling well atm and the deadline is too late in the day!


PYN if u wanna be a viewer



i read the whole thing and LOL
Sent by ShanteYouSlay,Dec 28, 2018
People voting me in and I survive
Sent by Yandereboy12,Dec 28, 2018
why, of course I die with the easier challenge
Sent by Bvance1212,Dec 28, 2018
This was an amazing episode!
Sent by Jacko308,Dec 29, 2018

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