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Death House Season 3 (Whodunit Edition)- Episode 9vote May 21, 2019
Carrie. B Foxtrot
Cindy. C Yandereboy12
Damien. D RealJacksonWalsh
Jake. A Jasoi
Praskovya. M hellocat
Ryan. B ryan5676

7th- Seth. L BarbraStreisand (Died Night 7)
8th- Gerard. B Bvance1212 (Died Night 5)
9th - James. W gabrieltrezza (Died Night 4)
10th - Lola. L LeonM1996 (Died Night 3)
11th- Jessica. W Tommy123 (Died Night 2)
12th- Billie. J MudkipzFTW (Died Night 1)


                                         Episode 9- Don’t drop the bomb

                                                  NIGHT 8- 8:00 PM

*Adele on the tv*- Houseguests! It’s time to vote on who you think the killer is!

*The houseguests vote one by one*

Adele- I have the results. The person with the most votes and will have to compete in the death competition with a 75% chance of death is….. JAKE!

Jake- Welp, surprised it was not sooner. Congrats Cindy.


Ryan- Cindy calm down :/

*Cindy gives Ryan a dirty look*

Jake- Well bye guys.

Damien- Maybe you can survive like me!

Jake- I hope.

*Jake enters the death competition room*

Adele- Welcome! This is a brand new competition called “Don’t drop the bomb” This is how it will work. It’s quite simple actually. On the table there is a bag full of heavy weights….. And a bomb. Once you lift the bag over your head the bomb will enable and you will have to hold that bag over your head for 2 hours. If you fail to do so, the bomb will explode. If it does explode… well we will need to get a new room for the death competitions.

Jake- Oh god… I work out a lot, so maybe I have a chance?

*Jake grabs the bag*

Jake- This is really heavy :/

*Jake lifts the bag over his head*

Adele- The bomb has been enabled, time has started now!

*10 Minutes in*

Jake- I’m already struggling, I have no idea how long it’s been :/

*30 Minutes in*

Jake- I would love to quit now, but my life is on the line so I am NEVER putting this bag down.

*1 Hour in*

Jake- My arm is twitching… shit.

*1 Hour and 30 minutes in*


*1 Hour and 55 minutes in*

Jake- I feel like I’m gonna die just by doing this for so long.

*2 Hours in*

Adele- Congratulations Jake it’s been 2 hours and you have survived! The bomb has been disabled!


*Jake goes to the living room*

Jake- Hey guys I survived :)

*Adele through the tv*- Jake has survived the death competition! As this was a longer competition than usual, the lights will go out at 11 pm instead of 10!

Cindy- Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Jake- I had to hold a bag full of weights for 2 hours and a bomb was inside it.

Carrie- Congratulations Jake! Two survivors in a row :)

Damien- Congrats bro!

Ryan- Maybe the competitions are not THAT hard.

Jake- Trust me it was.

Cindy- You all do realize that since Jake survived the killer is still out here and one of us will be killed tomorrow? But k, you all can celebrate.

Praskovya- Yeah Cindy has a point :/

Carrie- Cindy even though you are completely nasty, I have to agree.

Cindy- Carrie stop acting like a nice pretty princess all the time, I only state facts. I can be brutally honest a lot, but I’m not nasty.

Carrie- Sleeping with a guy to get info on him sounds nasty to me.

Cindy- I did not do that, what the fuck?

Jake- I told multiple houseguests Cindy. People know your snakey ways now.

Cindy- This is bullshit. I’m going to bed, you all can die.

*Cindy runs to the bedroom crying*

Damien- It’s funny that me and Jake were able to get the most votes yet the most unlikable person in this house Cindy hasn't.

Ryan- Oh god I know right…

10:30 PM

*Praskovya goes into the bedroom*

Praskovya- Hey Cindy!

Cindy- Hey…

Praskovya- Lemme give you a hug

*Praskovya hugs Cindy*

Cindy- Thanks sis.

Praskovya- People are so gang handed, they look for any reason to get people to vote someone.

Cindy- Yep and it looks like Jake will be trying to get people to vote me.

Praskovya- I warned you earlier about the plan, but it could of went well.

Cindy- Well it didn't go well :(

Praskovya- You were so nasty the first day to be honest, but you have grown from that.

Cindy- I just act that way when I’m nervous. It’s just who I am, but once I’ve calmed down I’m a normal person.

Praskovya- I can tell you're a great person :)

Cindy- Thanks so much :) It’s nice to have someone in the house that like gets you ya know?

Praskovya- Oh I totally agree ;)

*Praskovya leans in and kisses Cindy*

Cindy- Oh?

Praskovya- I’m sorry I had to do that.

*The rest of the houseguests go into the bedroom and the lights go out*

DAY 9: 7:00 AM

Ryan- Good morning everyone!

Carrie- Good morning!

Jake- It’s day 9 now :0 I can’t believe it’s been 9 days.

Damien- I know right! Time’s just flying by!

10:00 AM

*Jake and Damien have a chat*

Jake- It’s so funny that BOTH of us survived the death competition.

Damien- I know, what’s even funnier is that I’m not the killer. I hope you aren’t either.

Jake- Haha I’m not. Cindy is always the one to accuse people of being the killer. She’s most likely the reason that me and you and multiple people got the most votes

Damien- Yeah totally, she is very dangerous.

3:00 PM

*Praskovya talks to Cindy*

Praskovya- Hey, sorry I’ve been avoiding you today. I felt bad about last night.

Cindy- Yeah, I’m just a bit confused after what happened last night.

Praskovya- Yeah :/

Cindy- It’s fine though, I didn't even know you liked girls in that way.

Praskovya- Yeah I do, I’m bisexual. I should of asked if you were before kissing you.

Cindy- I’m totally straight, but I’ve had to make out with girls at the strip club to turn the boys on, but I’ve never like “slept” with one. I’m not interested in like a relationship with you, but I’m not mad at all that you kissed me. Just a way of showing affection!

Praskovya- Thanks for understanding! I won’t do it again haha!

Cindy- Thanks! Me and you are on the outs honestly. Jake’s gonna be coming after me so hard.

Praskovya- I’m worried the killer will go after us :/

Cindy- Well the person killed Seth who was on the outs, so now it’s me and you. It’s gonna be one of us.

Praskovya- This sucks :/

7:00 PM

*Praskovya talks to Ryan*

Praskovya- Hey.

Ryan- Oh hey, the one that’s still probably mad at me since I said you could possibly be the killer!

Praskovya- Yeah that’s me :) I’m over it now though.

Ryan- Really?

Praskovya- Yep :) I think we can agree that Cindy is the killer.

Ryan- I thought you were close to her?

Praskovya- I just pretend to be.

Ryan- Oh.

*Praskovya in the diary room*

Praskovya- Cindy really is my friend and I do have feelings for her, but the truth is that nobody likes her. I cannot be associated with her. Even though I want to :(

*Cindy in the diary room*

Cindy- Honestly I’m so prepared for my throat to be slit tonight. Literally nobody likes me, it’s like. Even if I don’t get killed I will be getting the most votes so I’m screwed either way.

                                                                *Episode ends*

The killer can now mail me on who they wanna kill next ;)

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Death House Season 3 (Whodunit Edition)- Episode 8 May 19, 2019
Carrie. B Foxtrot
Cindy. C Yandereboy12
Damien. D RealJacksonWalsh
Jake. A Jasoi
Praskovya. M hellocat
Ryan. B ryan5676
Seth. L BarbraStreisand

8th- Gerard. B Bvance1212 (Died Night 5)
9th - James. W gabrieltrezza (Died Night 4)
10th - Lola. L LeonM1996 (Died Night 3)
11th- Jessica. W Tommy123 (Died Night 2)
12th- Billie. J MudkipzFTW (Died Night 1)


                                                 Episode 8- Silent Killer

                                                   NIGHT 7- 8:00 PM

*Seth talks to Praskovya*

Seth- Thank you so much again for the surprise birthday party!

Praskovya- U welcome! I tried to get the production to play music but they ignored me :/

Seth- That’s fine haha! Also, did you notice Cindy was the only one not to eat the cake!

Praskovya- Really haha? She’s very paranoid huh.

Seth- I mean I don’t blame her, I think us 3 have been on the same page for a while now.

Praskovya- Yeah true, we never go after one another.

Seth- True!

*Cindy walks in*

Cindy- Hey bitches! Happy birthday again Seth!

Seth- Thanks Cindy :) Me and Praskovya were just talking about how us 3 are on the same page a lot

Cindy- Omg tea that’s so true!

*Cindy in the diary room*

Cindy- I like Seth and Praskovya tbh, I mean Praskovya is a bit… weird? But its prob just the accent, and Seth is just like the gay best friend that I need in this house. James was kinda useless so.

Praskovya- I think us 3 should work together honestly!

Seth- That's a great idea!

Cindy- Honestly yas! I really think we should vote Jake still, but like.

Praskovya- Yeah, he’s been mentioned from the very start and has not gotten the most votes at all yet.

Seth- We will see what happens tonight I guess :/

Praskovya- Oh gosh I’m so nervous!

Cindy- Same sis. Same.

9:40 PM

*The houseguests get ready for bed*

Damien- I know some of you still think I’m the killer, but I have an idea to catch the killer.

Carrie- And that is?

Damien- We all hold hands and stay up the whole night. If someone lets go it obviously means they are the killer.

Jake- That’s a really good idea bro!

Carrie- Yeah that’s a good idea!

Cindy- I’m worried the plan will go downhill :(

10:00 PM

*The lights go out*

12:00 AM

*Adele through the speaker*- Houseguests please release your hands immediately, or you will die.


Carrie- Omg, now they are just making up new rules.

Damien- Welp, was worth a try.

Praskovya- So the killer will just kill one of us at random now :/

Seth- I’m scared :(

5:00 AM

Carrie- I’ve literally heard no screams yet. Who’s still awake?

*Nobody says anything*

Carrie- Welp… I’m the only smart one staying awake.

                                                              DAY 8- 6:00 AM

*The lights come back on*

Cindy- Good morning! I’m still alive and I can’t believe I slept!

Carrie- I’ve been up the whole time, I heard nothing!

Damien- Uhh… Seth are you there?

Praskovya- Wait what happened?

Damien- I think the killer got him? I feel no pulse, his heart stopped. He’s dead.

Jake- Holy fuck.

Cindy- So the killer is now just killing everyone silently?

Damien- Wait I see a needle beside him :0

Jake- Wow :/ Must of been lethal.

*Cindy and Praskovya mourn Seth’s dead in the kitchen*

Cindy- Honestly fuck this shit, we just made an alliance with that guy and just overnight he dead.

Praskovya- I’m shocked :( He was so nice too.

Cindy- I’m so fucking convinced it was Jake, I don’t know why people voted Damien.

Praskovya- Yeah I agree.

Cindy- Honestly I’ve been really horny and Jake is hot. Maybe I can sleep with him and try to get some info.

Praskovya- Omg Cindy, don’t do that!

Cindy- LOL gurl I am, u can’t stop me.

Praskovya- Ok good luck!

11:30 AM

*Carrie, Damien, and Jake have a chat*

Carrie- I feel like both of you are on the chopping block tonight for the vote :/ I still think it could be Cindy though.

Jake- Yeah, or even Praskovya.

Damien- Cindy acts like she's top bitch and she’s always the one throwing out names. Maybe we should bring her down a few pegs.

Carrie- Yeah, we only need 4 votes to guarantee she gets the most votes.

Damien- This is crazy :/ If we don’t correctly guess the killer now we will lose.

4:00 PM

*Cindy flirts with Jake*

Cindy- Hey Jake ;)

Jake- Hey Cindy, What’s up?

Cindy- Oh nothing :) I know I’ve talked shit about you a lot and thought you were the killer but. Your so fucking attractive, I’ve been so horny in this house honestly.

Jake- Oh? I mean I have been Horny too, not gonna lie.

Cindy- Oh wow, I’m shocked! We should do something about it :)

Jake- I can’t believe I’m doing this, but we shall :)

*Cindy and Jake go to the bedroom, and have sex*

*Jake in the diary room*

Jake- I honestly don’t like Cindy, I think she’s a bitch. But it’s been so lonely in this house :/ It may be the last time I get to have sex.

Cindy- So Jake who were you thinking about the vote?

Jake- Uhh, did you just have sex with me to get information?

Cindy- Uh no.

Jake- Sure Cindy... I knew you were gonna do this, I should have never slept with you.

*Cindy in the diary room*

Cindy- Jake is such a fucking cunt, we literally just slept together and got intimate and you can’t even tell me who you’re voting? The fucker will probably be voting me now :/

7:30 PM

*The houseguests wait to vote*

Damien- I’m so nervous! I really don’t wanna get the most votes again :/

Carrie- I don’t think you will honestly... People have changed their minds, especially since what you told us about your mom.

Cindy- I mean yeah I’m not voting you.

Praskovya- Same :) I still have to vote someone though :(

Ryan- I’ve literally talked to none of you about the vote, so I hope that means it’s not me.

                                                             *Episode ends*

Vote for who you think the killer is! You have till 10:00 AM EST Tomorrow!

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Death House Season 3 (Whodunit Edition)- Episode 7 May 17, 2019
Carrie. B Foxtrot
Cindy. C Yandereboy12
Damien. D RealJacksonWalsh
Jake. A Jasoi
Praskovya. M hellocat
Ryan. B ryan5676
Seth. L BarbraStreisand

8th- Gerard. B Bvance1212 (Died Night 5)
9th - James. W gabrieltrezza (Died Night 4)
10th - Lola. L LeonM1996 (Died Night 3)
11th- Jessica. W Tommy123 (Died Night 2)
12th- Billie. J MudkipzFTW (Died Night 1)


                                              Episode 7- Pick a Spider

                                                NIGHT 6- 8:00 PM

*Adele appears on the tv*- HOUSEGUESTS, Its time to vote for who you think the killer is!

*The houseguests vote one by one*

Praskovya- I feel like it's me :(

Jake- Same haha.

Adele- The person with the most votes and will have to compete in the death competition where you will have a 75% chance of death is………… DAMIEN!

Cindy- What. The. Serious. Fuck.

Praskovya- Omg I’m shocked

Jake- Thank guys for not voting me, good luck Damien

Damien- Bye guys :/

*Damien enters the Death Competition Room*

Adele- This is a new competition! It’s called “Pick a Spider”. We have 4 glass containers, in it, there are 4 different spiders. You must hold the spider for 10 minutes. 3 of the spiders are extremely venomous and will kill you in minutes. The other is non-venomous and you will live. Let’s hope you know your spiders! You must now decide which one you will pick!

Damien- Oh god, this is basically luck. I know NOTHING about spiders. I don’t have arachnophobia, but my worry is that I will choose one that is venomous.

*Damien looks at the spiders*





Damien- Oh god, these all look venomous. I think the one in Glass C looks the most friendly? But what do I know? Ok fuck it I’m just gonna go with Glass c.

*Damien opens the glass lid and grabs the spider*


*2 Minutes pass and Damien is still holding onto the spider*

Damien- Has the venom not kicked in yet? I don’t feel anything, although the bite hurts.

*5 Minutes pass*

Damien- I don’t believe I’m gonna survive.

*9 Minutes pass*

Damien- Ok well… I feel perfectly fine? It's supposed to kick in really fast she said.

*10 Minutes pass and the Death Competition Room door opens*


*Damien runs into the living room*


*Adele on the tv*- Congratulations Damien you have survived! Which means the killer whoever it may be is going to kill one of you tomorrow night!

Cindy- Fuck :/

Damien- So, serious question how did I get the most votes?

Praskovya- Well… You barely spoke a word to anyone today, it's so shady.

Seth- Yeah I agree :/ You were acting very strange.

Damien- It was the anniversary of my mother’s death, I was kinda upset and quiet.

Jake- Oh shit, I’m sorry man :/

Praskovya- Oh :(

Carrie- I’m so sorry Damien! Just so you know I didn't vote you!

Damien- It’s fine :( The reason I applied for Death House was because of my mother’s passing. I knew if I were to die I would be fine with it so I could be with my mom in heaven.

Carrie- Aww that’s so sweet!

Ryan- I may have voted you, but I regret it :/ I’m so sorry!

Damien- It’s fine, honestly. I’m still alive now, and tomorrow’s a new day!

Cindy- Well tomorrow someone else will die :/ So I’m not looking forward to it.

Jake- Yeah same…

*The houseguests go to bed*

                                                                   DAY 7- 6: AM

*The lights come on*

Carrie- Good morning everyone! Let’s all just have a good day, for now, someone’s gonna die tonight, so let’s make the most of today!

Cindy- I’m not too keen on having a “good day”

Praskovya- Same since people think I’m the killer.

Jake- Same Praskovya :/

Damien- I mean I got the most votes, so most of you still think I’m the killer.

Carrie- I’m sorry about your mom again Damien :/ You should’ve said something before.

Damien- Well nobody confronted me about it… Carrie, don’t blame me for everything… bitch.

Carrie- Oh wow. Ok, be rude.

Jake- DAMIEN, Don’t be rude to Carrie, she’s one of the nicest ones in here.

Damien- Calm down man, Jesus.

*Damien in the diary room*

Damien- I’m so sick of these people. Everyone will be far up my ass today because they think I’m the killer and they think I will kill someone tonight. Which I’m not because I’m not the killer.

1:25 PM

*Seth and Praskovya talk in the kitchen*

Praskovya- Thanks for standing up for me yesterday by the way!

Seth- Ur welcome, I mean your “closest” friend barely stood up for you in the slightest so someone that ACTUALLY cares about you did <3

*Praskovya hugs Seth*

Praskovya- I’m crying haha, I’m just worried about tonight :/

Seth- Same sis, I don’t want to make a scene but… It's my birthday today haha.


Seth- Yep! I don’t want anyone to know, especially in these circumstances.

Praskovya- Yeah I understand!

3:00 PM

*Praskovya talks to Cindy and Damien*

Praskovya- Ok, so Seth just told Me that it's his birthday today

Cindy- O.M.G

Damien- Wow!

Praskovya- Shh Shh. We should surprise him. He said that he does not want anyone to know, but I honestly think he will be so happy if we throw him a surprise party.

Cindy- Ok gurl, I love throwing parties, but we literally don’t have anything. I mean we have cake mix? But no music, no nothing.

Praskovya- Maybe I can ask in the diary room?

Damien- Haha good luck with that.

*Praskovya goes in the diary room*

Praskovya- So like it’s Seth’s birthday today. I want to throw him a surprise party. But we have like nothing, just cake mix. Could you maybe just like play some music or something after we surprise him? Maybe some candles? We don’t got those? Just bring them into the pantry plz, thanks!

5:00 PM

*Praskovya talks to Jake*

Praskovya- Hey Jake!

Jake- Hey!

Praskovya- So um, I’m surprising Seth with a birthday party! I was wondering if you could like make a chocolate cake with the cake mix? Ur a good baker too right?

Jake- I mean yeah, I’m a good baker. But after the poisoning thing yesterday I don’t think I want too.

Praskovya- Oh come on Jake! You will be the ONLY one baking it. Just keep watch on it the whole time, I will just hang out with Seth in the bedroom until it’s done.

Jake- Fuck it, fine!

Praskovya- Omg yay thank you!

Jake- I will start making it now!

6:00 PM

*Praskovya checks the pantry*

Praskovya- Welp nothing... The cake will have to do.


Praskovya- Omg is the cake ready?

Jake- Yep here it is!

Praskovya- OMG and you even wrote happy birthday Seth on it <3 It looks amazing!

Jake- Haha thanks! Should we surprise him now!

Praskovya- Yep!

*Praskovya brings Seth to the living room*

*The houseguests sing happy birthday*

Seth- Omg guys ;( Praskovya did you do all this?

Praskovya- Yep! Jake made the cake also.

Seth- I know I said I did not want a party, but god I do now haha! Thanks so so much!

Jake- Ur welcome!

Seth- Omg the cake is so yummy too!

Cindy- Let’s hope there is no poison in it….

Jake- I kept watch on it the whole time, don’t worry.

*Cindy does not eat the cake, while the others do*

*Episode ends*

The killer may now decide who to kill next by mailing me!

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Death House Season 3 (Whodunit Edition)- Episode 6 May 15, 2019
Carrie. B Foxtrot
Cindy. C Yandereboy12
Damien. D RealJacksonWalsh
Gerard. B Bvance1212
Jake. A Jasoi
Praskovya. M hellocat
Ryan. B ryan5676
Seth. L BarbraStreisand

9th - James. W gabrieltrezza (Died Night 4)
10th - Lola. L LeonM1996 (Died Night 3)
11th- Jessica. W Tommy123 (Died Night 2)
12th- Billie. J MudkipzFTW (Died Night 1)


                                                       Episode 6- The Dinner

                                                          NIGHT 5- 8:00 PM

*Jake and Praskovya prepare tonight’s dinner, they are making spaghetti and meatballs*

Jake- It’s funny how both of us mostly make the dinners huh.

Praskovya- Oh I know, I’m fine with it though! I’ve never made spaghetti and meatballs before though!

Jake- Pardon? Sorry, I’m still getting use to your accent.

Praskovya- It’s ok! In Russia, we don’t make spaghetti and meatballs.

Jake- Oh wow :0

Praskovya- Yeah :p It’s funny we both picked Cindy for the one we did not trust.

Jake- Yeah, she’s the loudest one left.

Praskovya- For sure! Is it true you like nobody?

Jake- Nah I like a lot of people. Just trying to rile people up.

Praskovya- Haha, I mean I fell for it!

Jake- This dinner has turned out pretty well!

Praskovya- I think too!

*Jake and Praskovya lay down the meal onto the dinner table*

Seth- Omg yas, this is lowkey my favorite meal!

*Seth takes a bite*

Seth- That was so yummy, did you both make it?

Praskovya- It was mostly Jake!

Carrie- Wow good job! Crazy talent for a high schooler! Almost every meal you have made has been amazing!

Jake- Thanks, Carrie!

Cindy- Whoever the killer is, don’t kill the guy that cooks us most of the meals, *chuckles*

*Nobody else laughs*

Gerard- The meatball tasted kind of funny, or was that just me?

Praskovya- Oh? What’s wrong with it?

Jake- It's just a regular meatball!

*Gerard starts choking*


*Gerard suddenly collapses onto the floor*


Cindy- Omg he’s DEAD!

*Gerard died*


Cindy- Jake poisoned him, I knew it. I knew he was the killer right from the FUCKING start.

Jake- It wasn't Me.

Cindy- Stay away from me.

Jake- It could’ve been Praskovya.

Praskovya- HEY NOW! Don’t throw me under the bus! I did nothing.

Jake- I’m sorry :/


Ryan- So basically Gerard was the only one affected by the meatball. It’s obvious it was just the one meatball on his plate that was poisoned. It was given specifically to him most likely. Jake and Praskovya are the only ones that prepared the meal.

Praskovya- Ryan I thought we were close?

Ryan- I’m not saying it's you, I’m just saying.

Praskovya- You're saying that it’s 50% likely me. Ok, whatever. I’m gonna keep trusting NOBODY in here.

*The houseguests go to bed shaken by the events that occurred earlier*

                                                   DAY 6- 6:00 AM

*The lights turn on*

Seth- Another day :/ I just want this to end.

Cindy- I hope we all are on the same page for who we are voting.

Carrie- I still need to decide :/

Ryan- I think I know who I’m gonna choose.

Praskovya- Hopefully it’s not me

Ryan- Praskovya can we just not. We have gotten along amazingly till yesterday, I won’t be voting you.

Praskovya- Ok I won’t be voting you either <3

10:30 AM

*Jake tries to convince Carrie, Damien, Ryan, and Seth to vote Praskovya*

Jake- Hey guys I just brought you four together because I trust you all the most. I just want you all to know it was not me. The only other person it could be is Praskovya, she’s definitely lying.

Carrie- Jake, I don’t know what to believe anymore. It could be you, or it could be her.

Jake- It’s not me. Ryan, I know you are close with her, but trust me I know you have your doubts.

Ryan- I do have my doubts :/ I just told her what she wanted to here. But I’m still not certain that you aren’t the killer either.

Seth- Jake you have been shady since day 1, Praskovya did like one thing shady last night and that was it. I would say you are more likely the killer.

Jake- You don’t ever listen :/

Seth- You're basically forcing down my throat without concrete evidence that you aren’t the killer, I just don’t believe you.

Jake- Please don’t vote me :(

*Seth talks to Cindy about their conversation*

Seth- Jake is trying to convince most of the house to vote Praskovya.

Cindy- Oh wow!

Seth- Yep, some piping hot tea.

Cindy- Gurl for sure. I’m not gonna let him survive ANOTHER vote. I’ve had my eyes on him from the START!

Seth- It’s gonna be a close vote :/ Ryan literally said also that he might vote Praskovya.

Cindy- Wow such a loyal friend.

Seth- Yeah he’s a snake.

*Ryan in the diary room*

Ryan- I love Praskovya as a friend, but I have my doubts about her. She very well could be the killer, but it could also be Jake. Who knows though, what if its someone else just trying to frame them?

2:00 PM

*Cindy spills some tea to Praskovya*

Cindy- Ok gurl, I don’t like to gossip but. Seth told me that Ryan said that he might vote you.

Praskovya- He’s running his mouth... Again?

Cindy- Yep, I know we have not been on the same page much, but I think we should stick together. Ryan flipped so quickly, like what if he’s the killer?

Praskovya- I don’t wanna think that Ryan’s the killer :( But maybe after today and our argument if he WAS the killer he would come after me next.

Cindy- Exactly, like Jake would probably kill me next as well, so either option is fine.

7:30 PM

*Jake and Praskovya have a chat*

Praskovya- Hey I just wanna talk to you before the vote.

Jake- Will be kinda awkward :/

Praskovya- It seems that it’s between us for the one who gets the most votes, based on yesterday’s events.

Jake- Yeah :( This sucks.

Praskovya- I really hope you don’t think it was Me. Like if you think about it, someone could be trying to frame us? It would be a perfect opportunity too. Ryan has been a snake, Cindy has been saying your name from the start. Damien has been extremely quiet today.

Jake- It could really be anyone then huh.

Praskovya- Exactly, people are only basing their choice on the one single event.

Jake- Good luck!

Praskovya- I hope you agree, but good luck :(

*Episode ends*

Houseguests vote on who you think the killer is! You have till 10:00 AM EST TOMORROW!

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Death House Season 3 (Whodunit Edition)- Episode 5 May 13, 2019
Carrie. B Foxtrot
Cindy. C Yandereboy12
Damien. D RealJacksonWalsh
Gerard. B Bvance1212
Jake. A Jasoi
James. W gabrieltrezza
Praskovya. M hellocat
Ryan. B ryan5676
Seth. L BarbraStreisand

10th - Lola. L LeonM1996 (Died Night 3)
11th- Jessica. W Tommy123 (Died Night 2)
12th- Billie. J MudkipzFTW (Died Night 1)


                                                    Episode 5- Know Or Go

                                                      NIGHT 4- 8:00 PM

*Adele appears on the TV*



Carrie- Oh gosh we have to vote now :0

Adele- It’s time to vote! One by one you will go to the diary room and cast your vote on who you think the killer is!

*All the houseguest's vote*

Adele- Ok. I have the results, the person with the most votes and will be competing in the death competition with a 75% chance of death is………… JAMES!

James- Oh, ok I thought my act was smart. I guess I’m the dumb one, whatever sisters.

Gerard- Not smart man :/


Gerard- K, good luck anyways.

*James enters the death competition room*

James- Ok what the fuck is this.

Adele- This competition is one we introduced last season! This competition is similar to the Ellen Show’s game “Know or go” I will ask you 10 trivia questions you must get all of them right to live, if you get a single one wrong a toxic gas will come out of the vent above you and you will die a slow painful death.

James- Um 10? Are you fucking serious?

Adele- I’m very serious! The questions start now :) Question 1- Who won Season 2 of Death House?

James- Yas I watched it so I know it’s Lana!

Adele- That is… Correct!

James- Ok I hope they are this easy!

Adele- Question 2- Which singer sung a song called “Break free” with these lyrics “This is the part when I say I don’t want ya I'm stronger than I've been before”.

James- Well duh Ariana Grande!

Adele- That is correct! Question 3- When was the movie “Titanic” released.

James- Ok gurl are these questions tailored to me or? Titanic was such a good movie! 1997!

Adele- That is correct! Question 4- What is the biggest animal to ever inhabit the earth?

James- Oh gosh, could you not just stick to the media questions :/ I don’t know, uhh wait a sec.

Adele- You have 30 seconds.

James- Ok, I’m thinking it was something ancient… like a dinosaur. Uhh, Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Adele- That is…… INCORRECT! Have fun with the gas :)

James- WHAT??? NOOO???

*The gas slowly gets into the room*

*It takes over 2 hours for James to die*

*Adele on the tv*

Adele- Houseguests! James did not survive the competition! Find out tomorrow night if he was the killer! Have a good night's sleep!

Damien- Well then…

*Damien in the diary room*

Damien- In a sick way, I’m relieved that he’s dead. I would not say it in front of people, but I’m relieved.

Cindy- Welp, thank god he did not make it am I right?

Carrie- He was nice for the most part :/ I really don’t think he was the killer, it was a bad choice.

Ryan- Not to be rude, but what other choices did we have? There is now only 8 of us left.

Praskovya- I agree with Ryan. It can be literally ANYONE!

Carrie- Yeah ur right I guess :/

Seth- Well it’s almost 10:00 we should make our way to bed!

Jake- Goodnight everyone!

                                                             DAY 5- 6:00 AM

*The lights turn on*

Cindy- Again with the lights :/

Praskovya- I barely slept at all :(

Seth- Same sis :/

Gerard- It’s been one death a day since the start :/ Hopefully James was the killer.

*The houseguests each went into the diary room one by one to ask questions on who they trust the most and who they trust the least. Unknown to them, their clips in the diary room will be shown to the whole house*

4:00 PM

*Adele on the tv*- Houseguests please make your way to the diary room.

Seth- What the fuck is going on now? It’s only the afternoon.

Cindy- I know right.

Adele- Earlier today you had to go into the diary room, we asked ALL of you on who you trusted the most and least, we will be showing all these clips now!

Jake- Someone’s not gonna like what I said :/

Cindy- Yeah same…

*Carrie on the tv*- So who I trust the most? Um… First of all, I don’t trust anyone, but if I had to choose I guess Jake because he’s the most chilled out guy here, and he’s not trying to get screen time like a lot of the houseguests do.

Jake- Thanks, Carrie :)

Carrie- You're welcome!

*Carrie on the tv*- For who I trust the least, it would have to be Cindy. She’s very aggressive when you talk to her, she’s kind of a bitch. I just feel uncomfortable around her, maybe it’s a sign that she’s the killer?

Cindy- Are you serious? I’ve been nothing but nice to you! Making up lies, this bitch.

Carrie- I’m sorry, but I’m just telling the truth.

Cindy- I’m classy, so let’s move on with this shit.

Gerard- Is this how it will be the whole time….

Cindy- Shut the fuck up.

*Ryan on the tv*- Who I trust the most? It would, of course, have to be Praskovya! I love her accent and also she’s amazing to hang out with and if we both survive I could see us being great friends on the outside!

Praskovya- Aww thank you so much! I’m so thankful that I met you <3 Such an amazing friend!

Ryan- Thanks <3 I hope you chose me too lol!

*Ryan on the tv*- So for who I trust the least, uhh. I guess Gerard, mostly because he made that alliance and wanted to target anyone outside of it.

Gerard- Ok what the fuck, like that’s true I did make it. But who leaked it?

Cindy- I leaked nothing.

Gerard- Carrie?

Carrie- Yeah I leaked it, it’s only because of Lola. I did not wanna be in an alliance with her.

Gerard- Why did you not just say that? 2 of our alliance members are dead, the whole thing is a mess.

Praskovya- You were gonna pick us off one by one. I’m so thankful Carrie alerted us!

Gerard- Please speak English better, and I really don’t care.

Praskovya- That’s not nice :/

Ryan- Like you said Gerard, Is this how it will be the whole time?

Gerard- I’m done with this shit :/

*Damien appears on the tv*- So for who I trust the most? I would say, Gerard! We’ve been getting along from the start, and I can’t imagine him being the killer!

Gerard- Wow I’m shocked someone said Me :0

*Damien on the tv*- For who I trust the least? Praskovya. She seems a bit sneaky, she always appears out of nowhere, sounds like a killer to me.

Praskovya- I was not aware that i “Appear out of nowhere”.

Damien- I’m sorry I had to say somebody :/

*Praskovya appears on the tv*- For who I trust the most, it’s Ryan! He’s the only one that I can tell anything about. Also, he can understand me even through my accent perfectly!

Ryan- Yay! We both picked each other!

*Praskovya on the tv*- For who I trust the least, Cindy. She’s never been that nice to me, and is very attention seeking*

Cindy- What a surprise :/ I’m keeping it Classy, but I would love to drag you so badly.

*Gerard appears on the tv*- For who I trust the most, Cindy! Even though we argue often, she’s still the one I hang out with the most, even though she’s extra, I’m drawn to her.

Cindy- Finally somebody trusts me!

*Gerard on the tv*- For who I trust the least, I guess Carrie? She never gave us any warning on Lola’s personality which was weird, and idk something seems off with her.

Carrie- What’s off with me?

Gerard- Uh I don’t know?

Carrie- Then why would you say that?

Gerard- I’m sorry, I had to say something.

*Seth appears on the tv*- For who I trust the most, I would say Ryan! We just get along very well and he’s the only one that really cares about me.
Ryan- 2 said me now :0 I’m shocked.

*Seth on the tv*- For who I trust the least, Jake. He’s just very shady, and I swear to god he stares at me so much like he wants to just kill me.

Jake- I do admit, I stare often :)

*Jake appears on the tv*- For who I trust the most, eh I don’t like anyone here much. I guess Gerard idk.

Cindy- Welp, he likes none of us LOL!

Carrie- That’s the shadiest thing I heard this whole game.

Praskovya- Yeah, I have to admit that was shady :/

*Jake on the tv* For who I trust the least, Cindy. She’s just a bitch and that’s really it.

Cindy- Oh wow quiet boy got a big mouth.

Jake- I don’t want to start with you Cindy.

Cindy- You don’t need to start with me, I bet you will be cutting me up tonight, cuz you are the killer.

*Jake ignores*

*Cindy appears on the tv*- I trust Damien the most, although I don’t hang out with him as much as the others, and I know he’s definitely 100%, not the killer.

Gerard- Wow you didn't pick me?

Cindy- Sorry, not sorry.

*Cindy on the tv*- I trust Jake the least, we thought he was the killer on day 1, and he managed to flip people to not vote him. He’s STILL here. He’s probably the killer, I don’t trust him one bit.

Jake- I promise, I’m not the killer.

Cindy- Lies, but k.

*Episode ends*

The killer (if alive) can now mail me on who they will kill next!

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Death House Season 3 (Whodunit Edition)- Episode 4 May 11, 2019
Carrie. B Foxtrot
Cindy. C Yandereboy12
Damien. D RealJacksonWalsh
Gerard. B Bvance1212
Jake. A Jasoi
James. W gabrieltrezza
Lola. L LeonM1996
Praskovya. M hellocat
Ryan. B ryan5676
Seth. L BarbraStreisand

11th- Jessica. W Tommy123 (Died Night 2)
12th- Billie. J MudkipzFTW (Died Night 1)


                                                        Episode 4- “Did we win”?

                                                               NIGHT 3: 8:00 PM

*Lola gossips more about Carrie to Cindy, Gerard, and James*

Lola- So to continue about Carrie she also called me stupid over nothing, she is just such a bitch.

Cindy- This is old drama, kinda getting bored of it.

Lola- I don’t care.

*Carrie walks by*

Carrie- What are you all talking about?

James- It’s nothing.

Lola- I’m just talking shit about you :)

Carrie- Are y'all listening to her?

Gerard- I don’t really wanna be apart of this dumb drama :/

Lola- Carrie will RUIN this alliance.

Gerard- Lola you're ruining this alliance.


*Lola tackles Carrie to the ground*

Carrie- GET OFF ME

*Lola tugs on her hair and punches her face*


*The security rushes in*


*The security puts Lola into a separate room for the night*

Cindy- I can be a bitch like Lola, but I’m not an aggressive bitch.

*Some of the other houseguests see if Carrie is ok*

Jake- Hey you ok?

Carrie- I guess :/ She did not punch me that hard but I’m still shaken up

Praskovya- Are you not telling us something about Lola? Was she like this before you moved?

Carrie- I think we fought in the school hallway once, over petty drama, it's hard to remember. We made up and we're still really close. I know she said she had an ex-husband, maybe he fucked her up?

Damien- I think she may have always been like that since she fought you in the school hallway :/

Carrie- I’m still in shock, I’m gonna head to bed.

9:30 PM
*Some of the houseguests go to bed peacefully while others are scared about if the killer is still alive*

Ryan- I can’t believe Cindy, Damien, Gerard, Jake, James, and Lola are all in bed not worried about the killer.

Praskovya- I agree, I won’t be able to sleep at all tonight.

Seth- We’re the smart ones honestly.

Carrie- I agree, the lights are gonna be going out soon :/

Praskovya- I really hope the killer was Jessica.

Seth- If Jessica was the killer I would be so happy!

Carrie- Same! Also, I have something to share.

Ryan- What is it?

Carrie- Well um, yesterday Gerard created an alliance with him, me, Lola, James, and Cindy. Of course, I would not be working with them after the whole Lola thing.

Seth- Damn, that’s some tea right there.

Ryan- Wow so you 5 could have just voted together till the end?

Carrie- I guess so, but I don’t wanna vote with them.

Ryan- I think alliances are pointless, I would say just vote on who you personally feel like the killer is.

Carrie- I agree!

Praskovya- That’s what I’ve been doing Ryan!

Seth- Well, its almost 10 pm good night everyone!

*At 10:00 PM the lights go out, throughout the night it was silent, no screams, no movements just silence*


6:00 AM

*The lights turn on*

James- Yas I’m still alive!

Cindy- Is everyone ok?

Gerard- It seems like everyone is still alive :0


Carrie- Lola is still in the other room.

Damien- Let’s check if she's ok!

*All the houseguests go into the room where Lola was sleeping*

*Lola lays dead on the floor, the same way Billie was killed, slit on the throat and stabbed several times on the stomach*

Carrie- OMG LOLA!

Cindy- How was Jessica not the killer, what the fuck?

Seth- Even though she went crazy last night, it’s still sad to see her get killed :/

Carrie- I did not know I would be this upset :( The killer is still out there.

Praskovya- I’m so scared :(

Ryan- Same :/ I have no idea who the killer could be.

Cindy- I mean I have some more ideas.

James- I have some ideas too, how are you, Damien?

Damien- Wait, are you implying that you think I’m the killer?

James- Maybe.

Damien- That’s so stupid, you only are saying me because I did not wanna fuck you.

Praskovya- Oh damn.

Cindy- Well… James is a bigger slut than me, I'm shocked. But also not really.

James- Damien why don’t you kill me next like?

Damien- Yeah if I was the killer I probably would’ve killed you, your still alive and breathing so it’s not me.

James- If you killed me it would be too obvious.

Damien- I don’t even think you're the killer, so I have no interest in coming at you.

Praskovya- James you’re acting very immature right now.

James- Fuck you.

Praskovya- Oh ;(

Seth- Ok don’t come for her, she's one of the nicest people in here, why are you being such a twat?

James- I love how the 2 other gay guys in this house are coming at me, it’s ok to be jealous

Carrie- Let’s just end this :(

12:08 PM

*Gerard in the diary room*

Gerard- I still think me, Carrie, Cindy, and even... James can still work it out. I feel like I don’t have other options for people to work with, I know Seth, Praskovya and Ryan have been spending a lot of time together, so.

*Gerard talks to Cindy, Carrie, and James*

Gerard- Guys we all still gotta work together.

James- Imagine still wanting to work with me

Carrie- James, I swear to god. People are gonna vote you, not because they think you’re the killer but just because people don’t like you. Don’t you want to live?

James- Honestly you prove a point, Carrie. Maybe if I just stir up drama all the time, people will just assume I’m not the killer because it would be too obvious.

Carrie- I don’t think it's a good idea :/

Cindy- It’s kind of genius if you ask me, but.

James- Thanks Cindy <3

Gerard- So Cindy who were you thinking the killer was?

Cindy- It’s between the Russian bitch... Because she’s Russian and Ryan. They both are the quietest ones in here, along with Jake, but Jake’s not close with anyone so.

Gerard- Yeah maybe we should vote the Russian girl or Ryan?

Carrie- I agree!

3:31 PM

*Carrie talks with Ryan and Praskovya*

Carrie- Hey guys :)

Ryan- Hey Carrie! Any word on how your alliance was voting?

Carrie- Yeah that’s what I wanted to talk about :/

Praskovya- Who do they wanna vote?

Carrie- Well... They did not say the specific name, but they wanna vote you or Ryan.

Praskovya- WAIT, WHAT? WHY?

Ryan- Oh my god, why do people wanna vote me :(

Carrie- Because you two, are “quiet”. They think the loud people are too obvious, but then it’s like, wouldn't the quiet people be “too obvious” as well? The killer could be ANYONE!

Ryan- Cindy, Gerard, and James are so stupid.

Praskovya- We should vote one of them.

Carrie- Yeah I agree.

7:00 PM

*James holds a house meeting”

James- Hey bitches, listen the fuck up.

Damien- Oh god... Here we go again :/


Damien- I can’t with this.

Cindy- James spilling tea.

Jake- I’ve had enough. I know I don’t speak much, but James you are so attention seeking. I don’t think you're the killer, but you are making us wanna vote you.


Praskovya- I would vote you :/ Maybe it’s an act and he’s actually the killer.

James- Only Praskovya is smart then. House Meeting is adjourned, make sure to vote me!

                                                             *Episode ends*

Send me a mail on who you think the killer is! You have till 11:00 AM EST tomorrow! Good luck!


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