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Death House: Episode 7 (Dangerous Eating)

Oct 6, 2018 by adeleadele
Cody - TwoStep - 57 Points
Denny - Yoshitomi - 17 Points
Honey - honeybunch1 - 17 Points
Sharon - SharonMaItems - 12 Points
Yandere - Yandereboy12 - 5 Points

6th - Kiara - Kiara_xoxo - DIED NIGHT 5
7th - Klaus - Philip13 - DIED NIGHT 4
8th - Malescha - DIED NIGHT 3
9th - Mac - Macda27 - DIED NIGHT 3
10th - Fei Mang - TR1364 - DIED NIGHT 1

EPISODE 7 (Dangerous Eating)

                                                         NIGHT 6

Adele- The sixth competition will involve you to eat and or drink 3 different foods/drinks that are brought to you. They are very disgusting, you must eat/drink all of it, and you can not spit any of it out, if you spit any of it out, our assistants here will shoot you on the spot. It’s so hard that there will be a 50% death rate, only 2 people can participate, and if you complete the task you will be getting 35 points.

Adele- Who would like to compete?

Cody- This should be fun, me !

Sharon- I would also like to compete

Adele- Ok Cody and Sharon, please come with me to this table to eat!

Adele- First dish is 1 Fermented Salmon head

Cody- Oh my god

Sharon- That sounds gross

Adele- You have 1 minute to eat and chew this dish, remember if you spit any of it out, you will die immediately

Adele- Time starts now

*Cody puts the salmon head in his mouth right away*

*He finishes it in 10 seconds*

*Sharon has not even started and is taking time to relax*

*After 20 seconds Sharon puts it in her mouth*

*She swallows it down*

Sharon- Thank god that was so bad

Cody- I know, i’m ready for the next dish though!

Adele- For dessert i have a small bowl serving of Black Pudding, It’s mostly comprised of blood drawn from Pigs, cattle and sheep.

Sharon- What the fuck is that even safe to eat?

Adele- Everything here is safe to eat yes

Adele- You have 5 minutes on this one, time starts now!

*Sharon takes a small spoonful and almost spits it out*

Sharon- That’s the worst thing i’ve ever tasted, oh my god.

*Cody eats it quickly, he finished it in 30 seconds*

Sharon- Cody how did you do that so quick

Cody- It’s all mental, don’t even think about it.

Sharon- Ok, i will try.

*Sharon takes another spoonful*

*She shakes her head like she’s about to spit it out*

Cody- You can do this Sharon!

*Sharon swallows it*

Sharon- I still have 5 spoonfuls left, i don’t think i can do this

Cody- Don’t think about it ok.

Sharon- I’m trying, oh god.

*Sharon takes another spoonful*

*Sharon looks like she’s about to vomit*

*Sharon vomits, along with food coming out*

Adele- Assistant please shoot her

*Sharon says nothing, she looks sad*

*An assistant shoots and kills Sharon*

Cody- Oh my god.

*Cody begins crying*


*Cody does not hear her from the other side of the room*

Yandere- I heard a gunshot, oh fuck someone died, it was probably Sharon

Denny- Well i hope one can make it out.

Adele- To wash it down, a glass of rotten milk

Cody- Can i please take a moment.

Adele- No, you have a minute to drink a glass full of rotten milk, starting now.

*Cody chugs it down in 20 seconds and completes the task*

Adele- Congratulations Cody, you have gained 35 more points!

Cody- Thank you.

*Cody and the houseguests go to the living room*

Cody- Guys, Sharon died

Yandere- WHAT!!

*Yandere does not seem sad*

Honey- Oh my god :(

Denny- We keep losing people every day, we should of done better at these comps

Cody- I don’t know why she competed :( She was one of my best friends in this house

Honey- I’m so sick of people dying

*The houseguests have a early sleep*

                                                                DAY 7

8:47 AM- *The houseguests wake up*

*Cody goes to the dairy room*

Cody- Sharon dying was well shocking. I never really have feelings for people, but i did for her. I feel like we could of had a future. Definitely the toughest death to deal with so far.

9:25 AM: *Some houseguests complain about the lack of food*

Honey- It sucks we only get like 1-2 meals a day. Many days it’s only 1

Yandere- I know, i’ve lost so much strength, i don’t have any energy to do most of the competitions

Denny- At least they still feed us, they could of not gave us any food, i mean most people can survive with 2 weeks without food

Honey- We would all be exhausted and drained if that happened

Denny- I can still give you food if you like, if we get any today

Honey- No i’m good thanks.

*Honey goes to the diary room*

Honey- First of all, i HATE that Sharon died, i’m so upset, and still crying over it. Second of all i can see through Denny’s game now. He tries to make people like him, by giving people extra food or flirting with them. It’s what he’s been doing to Yandere, and he’s trying to do it to me. But sorry it’s not gonna work. I might have a chat with him later today about it, i think Sharon would appreciate that. Thirdly, i’m upset that Cody did not have feelings for me, it seemed like he really liked me, but i guess i was wrong..

10:04 AM: *Cody takes the dogs outside to pee*

Cody- Ahh, Sharon loved dogs.

12:30 PM: *The houseguests are served lunch, again… 2 pieces of bread*

Honey- Damn, this seems to be the regular now.

Cody- Yep.

Denny- Yandere would you like a extra piece of bread?

Yandere- Omg yes thanks babe

Denny- Ur welcome!

*Denny and Yandere kiss*

3:45 PM: *Cody and Honey have a chat about Denny*

Honey- I’m so pissed at Denny

Cody- Yeah, cause he spread shit about Sharon.

Honey- Yep. Remember we talked about exposing him yesterday? I think we still can

Cody- Is it worth it though, i don’t think Yandere will listen. Even if she did, she still went too far.

Honey- I feel like getting it off my chest though, i’m sick of Denny trying to use his tricks on me, like he did to Yandere

Cody- Yeah i get what you mean, just don’t involve me in the drama please.

Honey- Oh i won’t!

4:01 PM: *Honey exposes Denny*

Honey- House meeting please.

Yandere- What is it?

Honey- Ok, so i’ve been noticing things in this house, that i think are really shady.

Denny- What are you talking about?

Honey- Your apart of all the shady shit

Denny- What the fuck are you talking about?

Yandere- Honey he did nothing

Honey- Yandere can you shut up and stop defending Denny for a moment

Yandere- Wow… ok fine.

Honey- So you told Yandere that Sharon told you that she wants Yandere dead next. Which was 100% a lie, she’s the nicest girl in here.

Denny- That’s what she told me.

Honey- No she did not, she never talked bad at all about Yandere so stop lying!

Yandere- I don’t know what to believe anymore

Denny- Honey your stupid, Yandere shut the fuck up, i thought you were with me

Yandere- Why are you getting so hostile?

Denny- Just shut the fuck up.

Yandere- Excuse me?

Honey- He’s getting defensive because he just got exposed

Yandere- I could see that now.

Denny- Fuck this shit

*Denny storms into the diary room*

*Denny starts laughing*

Denny- Welp this blew up in my face. I thought when Sharon died that this would be done with, but guess Sharon spread around to people that i lied about it. It took this long for someone to confront me about it though. I’m basically fucked for the rest of my time here.

*Yandere begins crying*

Yandere- So i basically just made Sharon’s last days here miserable, i’m actually a awful person

Honey- No hun, your fine. You just believed she said that.

Yandere- Denny is such a snake, i HATE him.

Honey- Well you got me and Cody here.

Yandere- Thank you!

*Yandere and Honey hug*

7:50 PM: *The houseguests wait for the next death competition*

Denny- Welp. I’m sure you all want Me dead.

Yandere- Nobody wants you dead, ur just a snake ass bitch.

Denny- Whatever

Cody- Denny just stop, i’m not getting involved but stop acting like a dick.

Denny- Wow you finally spoke up.

*Cody ignores him*

8:00 PM: *The houseguests go to the death room for another competition*

Adele- The 7th competition will be another luck competition! Cuz we all love luck competitions right? I will Stick 4 needles into you, one of them will be a toxic needle, which will kill you, and 3 will be safe, it will just help fight diseases! You must push down one needle. Death Rate- 25%, Number of people allowed to compete- All 4!!, Points received if successful- 15

Send me your choice through MAILS, if you put your choice in the blog i will delete it.

Updated Scoreboard

Cody- 92 Points
Denny- 17 Points
Honey- 17 Points
Yandere- 5 Points



Sent by SharonMaItems,Oct 6, 2018
I don't even got a chance unless Cody dies and yay I ain't a bitch anymore thanks Denny for taking my title
Sent by Yandereboy12,Oct 6, 2018
Lol I'm going to win y'all won't be able to catch up just going to wait it out
Sent by TwoStep,Oct 6, 2018
Yandereboy12 You're welcome 🤣
Sent by Yoshitomi,Oct 7, 2018
Lol Cody might as well not play another competition. They not catching him
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Oct 7, 2018
yes TEA
Sent by honeybunch1,Oct 7, 2018
Love it haha why the fuck yanders being a crybaby
better better think about  living
Sent by honeybunch1,Oct 7, 2018
waut no they grt to get out of my way
Sent by honeybunch1,Oct 7, 2018
omg Sharin dead who going to die nevt
Sent by honeybunch1,Oct 7, 2018
this had me gripped from beginning to end
Sent by BengalBoy,Oct 7, 2018

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