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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Feb 22, 2024 by Zeptis
What up! This has been in the works for a few weeks now, just had to wait on randomize to finally check his pm’s haha.

I’ve been here since I was a child opening Santa gifts, so I’ve seen it all really. Hence, I understand the TOS, the means of cheating, how to plan special games, and in the more serious cases, how to interpret allegations/charges of abuse/harrassment. Also, importantly, I am fluent in Spanish and can take on reports in a native language setting for our Hispanic community. I’m also a relatively active figure you can reach out to for any information.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’d know that I’ve been in the running to be a moderator for about 6 years now. So this has been a long time coming, really. I’ve worked closely with this moderation for a couple years now, so it’s sort of a predictable choice. Just like in games, in a “workplace” you have to choose a team you know you can trust.

I think ultimately the 5 of us will make an excellent team with open and productive discourse. I’m generally known as a levelheaded, unbiased voice, so I’m glad to provide my services to the team, to the site, and take on the responsibility for free because I love this place!

Very excited to get started and bring a fresh perspective with TGDeuxMoi to the moderation team.


I know u fucking lying cuz of that last part girl
Sent by BenjaminB,Feb 22, 2024
Miss u
Sent by Yonaka,Feb 22, 2024
BenjaminB this is a copy paste of now inactive KrisStory's mod introduction blog
Sent by Zeptis,Feb 22, 2024

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