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I went to Las Vegas (Story Time)

20thFeb 13, 2024 by Zeptis
I went to Vegas with PaulaDeen a couple years ago. We had just gotten food at the Luxor (worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at -10/10 would not recommend) food court and Ms. Deen got a refillable souvenir soda cup that could be used at the food court for free.

Later on in the evening, the two of us were watching my favorite movie “Bridesmaids”, which I have since learned PaulaDeen HATES. Halfway through the movie, Austin abruptly gets up, slaps his thighs in preparation and declares “I’m going to get a refill on my drink!” To which I was like “I mean, I guess!” Go get your sprite girl. He then scurried out of the room.

The MOTHERFUCKER was gone for an entire hour. All he had to say when he came back was, “Sorry, there was a long line!” I of course, being the trusting and wonderful friend that I am, just believe him, like sure. Vegas is busy and this whack ass hotel has slow service. An hour for a refill of orange Fanta, bet!

Come to find out and ENTIRE YEAR after the fact, completely unprompted, he just decided to bring this up casually in conversation. this fucking whore DID NOT IN FACT leave to go get a refill. This BITCH LEFT to go to a GRINDR HOOK UP on another floor! I’m not even mad he left me watching bridesmaids by myself like a CUCK. I’m mad he didn’t fucking invite me!

For reasons I shall not specify, this hook up DEFINITELY would have been in to a 3 way with the two of us specifically. So now I’m MAD PaulaDeen clearly thinks I’m ugly!

The actually audacity!!!

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Oh that’s not
Sent by FlashWoods,Feb 13, 2024
wow paula
Sent by biminibonboulash,Feb 13, 2024
A list of people who might enjoy the telling of this story:
Sent by TGDeuxMoi,Feb 13, 2024
Sent by LittleMix,Feb 13, 2024
lmao i love vegas hook up stories!!
Sent by Jogon,Feb 13, 2024
i would venture to say he is just lying for fun
Sent by brookie_cookie,Feb 14, 2024

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