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The one single solitary good thingvote Mar 4, 2024
About tenCaged is that it prevented a few very annoying individuals from have a presence in our blogging community for a solid period of time. Shame that period is almost over.
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When will my quiz be graded Mar 1, 2024
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No title Feb 29, 2024
David2560 acting like .es and .br communities migrating over here “saved” the website. Meanwhile, I personally just watched a hunger games struggle to fill for 10 whole days.

So did they really save anything?
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I remember Feb 29, 2024
The good ol’ days when it was bannable to speak English on .br

Those were the times.
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My #47 ick Feb 29, 2024
Is people who refuse to upgrade color levels because they think it makes them special. Like you’re a red level with 16,000 karma. Cmon now…don’t be edgy.

Disclaimer* characters in this work are purely fictional. Any similarities to famous or historical figures is coincidental**
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Finally saved enough for Platinum Feb 28, 2024
Who wants my first +17?
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