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YES or NO: wearing jeans in ur own home

Feb 23, 2024 by Zeptis
please help settle this debate!!!!!!!

im very much a "come home and strip naked & put on comfy clothes" (leggings, pajamas, etc) kind of person!!!! my fiance on the other hand literally comes home and either 1) continues to wear the jeans he wore to work for the entire night or 2) if he was wearing nicer work clothes HE WILL CHANGE INTO JEANS JUST TO CHILL IN??????????????????

i literally think this is sociopath behavior WHO ON GODS GREEN EARTH RELAXES IN JEANS????? hes gotten to the point now that he will change into sweats or pajamas if we are laying on the couch or something **BECAUSE I LIKE IT AND ITS MORE COMFY FOR ME (not because he wants to!!!)**????????

how can i gaslight him into understanding that jeans are just not lounge wear and are not comfortable??????????????????


Sent by top20fan33,Feb 23, 2024
Sent by Lemjam6,Feb 23, 2024
Sent by TGDeuxMoi,Feb 23, 2024
Me in my apartment right now wearing jeans working but also relaxing.

Sent by Jogon,Feb 23, 2024
i refuse to wear jeans unless i absolutely have to
Sent by giddypetit,Feb 23, 2024
Sent by goomybear,Feb 24, 2024
Yeah no you don’t wear jeans to relax in. I don’t wear jeans period tbh lol
Sent by ytrewq111,Feb 24, 2024

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