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Noooo! 馃槶

Mar 8, 2018 by Yoshitomi
My karma is ruined! Damn you whoever didn't give me a 3! 馃槪
IAmRemedy For getting nominated and not being able to vote! You could have given me a 3. 馃槪
iiVoloxity For having your phone taken away and not logging in to give me 3.

GoodKaren (Although you did say Okay to giving me 3 so you're probably innocent)
pizzawithcookirs (Although you PMed me telling me you gave me 3)

I'm so upset. 馃槶


Me when I actually gave you a 3..
Sent by ParvatiS,Mar 8, 2018
I gave u a 3! i gave yellowclaw a 2 tho so sorry about that :(
Sent by pizzawithcookirs,Mar 8, 2018
^ same
Sent by TotalDramaLover1234,Mar 8, 2018
ParvatiS PizzaWithCookirs TotalDramaLover1234
With just your votes, I'd be at 9 to YellowClaw's 6, right?
And Karen implied she gave me 3, so that would be 12 to Yellow's 8.
Which is already over the 10 points I got. 馃槪
So I can't trust anyone anymore. 馃槶
Sent by Yoshitomi,Mar 8, 2018
nooooo im sorry about this, the new target is 171717 karma
Sent by iamremedy,Mar 8, 2018
Same as pizza and Total :(
Sent by GoodKaren,Mar 8, 2018
Sorry but in furnace it wasn鈥檛 my fault
Sent by iiVoloxity,Mar 8, 2018
Game link:
Sent by Yoshitomi,Mar 9, 2018

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