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It's kinda weird how A list

Nov 24, 2020 by Timster
Multi millionaire singers like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift or even actors who have done it all and won it all seem to care so much about an award. As much as they say they don't they do. Taylor posted a pic of her celebrating. Everyone who wins an Oscar cries 🙄. I guess when you have everything you ever wanted the only thing that can make you happy is a vote from your peers saying you're the best symbolized with a golden award with your name on it!

I want to see how Beyoncé would react to winning album of the year one day. It seems to be the one award she CRAVES to win. Normally her speeches are quick and to the point as she hates talking on camera but I feel like if she won that award she'd be in full on tears. She never lets herself get vulnerable in front of people.

Then again she won song of the year in 2009 and seemed unphased as usual 💀


When you spend your whole life from like a child doing an art every award feels like a pay off
Sent by Batya,Nov 24, 2020
She really is so robotic to the public ur so right...
Sent by Danger,Nov 24, 2020

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