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I REALLY miss X Factor USA

10thNov 3, 2019 by Timster
Besides my typical reality competition shows I watch X Factor was by far the most EXCITING live television show. It blew The Voice & Americunt Idol and all these other boring ass shit talent shows out of the WATER when it came to entertainment. The singers actually highkey sucked most of the time but the value put into production was amazing. There were so many amazing live tv moments that I will never forget i'm watching some of them back now, my favorites:

The CLASSIC elimination of Rachel Crow. She was the front runner of the competition, should've easily won her show down but Nicole Shitzinger felt bad for the guy she was up against and decided to tie the vote and Rachel suprisingly went home to the Usher wannabe and she threw a FIT. Nicole got booed & had a melt down on live tv LMAO

Drew another front runner on her series was eliminated after she kept singing the same shit every week. But no one expected this to be her last words

When Astro almost refused to perform after he got put in the bottom 2 LMAO

The Cece Frey vs Paige Thomas rivalry (although I think it was edited to look like they hated each other but they were friends).

Plus when Paige was clearly the worst vocalist in the competition and was in the bottom 2 against a front runner but surpsingly had a decent performance and the judges saved her and it was so random and funny at the time.

UGH THIS SHOW AS GOLD SO MANY MORE MOMENTS I COULD NAME. They need to bring it back it was QUALITY messy reality television.

Also I LOVED the Season 2 format where they revealed the placements for the week. It kinda gave away who was going to the finale as the top 2 never landed out of the bottom 2 all season but it was still cool to see where everyone stood and it pushed certain people to work harder.


yassss and the shook britney when fifth harmony made finals <3
Sent by Bridgette77,Nov 3, 2019
bridgette77 oof right I think they were in 4th all season and we rage voted them and they beat Emblem3 who got 3rd all season and Britney was like "????"
Sent by Timster,Nov 3, 2019
it really needs to come back. American Idol and The Voice are ass now
Sent by stuartlittle16,Nov 3, 2019
stuartlittle16 I mean AWFUL. Idk why they thought bringing back AI was a good idea after that epic finale featuring all the iconic contestants to ever appear on the show. So dumb...

The Voice I retired that after season 8. I don't even want to be reminded of that atrocity. So pointless of a show I absolutely HATE it. They need to revamp the whole thing  & air it only once a year or just give us X Factor
Sent by Timster,Nov 3, 2019
Ughh Yes Miss this  show
Sent by prince_Eric,Nov 3, 2019

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