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  1. Beyonce is officially a wedding singer
  2. I have officially tried a Five Guys milkshake
  3. I worked SO HARD
  4. Chloe X Halle for Artist of the Year
  5. Am I the only one that expected
  6. LMAO at Mike's awkward hug with
  7. Does anyone else hate Tater Tots?
  8. Why do people prefer to make actual
  9. What the METH (MESS) is going on
  11. When does Spotfy release the year end
  12. Which is the grossest?
  13. Tragic if you're not watching LifeSize 2
  14. 馃毃 LifeSize 2 starring TYRA BANKS
  15. I've become fascinated with plane crash statistics
  16. Is it backwards to eat a veggie burger
  17. I just watched Vivor I hope yall
  18. Thank U, BEX (from MTV Scream)
  19. People always say next year will be better
  20. Ugh yes one of the pros of being black
  21. Obstreperous was my Roblox BFF
  22. Did anyone else assume Lion King
  23. Does Kara remind anyone else of
  24. The Challenge ending was EPIC
  26. I can't wait to UP my social game
  27. Unpopular Opinion
  28. Throwback to when Beyonc茅 said
  29. Thank GOD for my self control in rl
  30. What would make the David's split votes
  31. I just paid $57 extra dollars
  32. I just watched The First Purge
  33. I just watched Survivor
  34. I have TRAINED my body
  35. SCREAMING at Emma Willis talking
  36. That moment when you're looking at plane ticket
  37. Couldn't even attempt BBcan6
  38. + for grocery stores selling
  39. I'm annoyed
  40. Is BBUK's Gina Rio the NEW Vh1 Hottie?

Am I the only loser that thinks about

Oct 19, 2018 by Timster
imagea certain tengager when their fave artist plays.

I was listening to Taylor Swift & Britney Spears and I was thinking that Finklestein123 (RIP) would be proud.

I was also listening to Avril Lavigne hits and thought of Brayden_

As well as when I was listening to Hilary Duff songs and thought of splozojames50

Do y'all think of me when you play a Beyonce song? inb4 "I don't play her shitty songs" comments.


I should listen to more of her stuff but I have thought of you before when she does come on sometimes bc you love those gifs of her lol. Give me song suggestions!
Sent by Ethan000,Oct 19, 2018
ethan000 You probably won't like her songs tbh. She's more urban leaning and very pro  (black) female, men ain't shit kinda lyrics Post 2016. Her performances are easily the best though as she puts so much effort into every single thing. THE DETAILS. She is an AMAZING performer. Unbelievable stamina on stage while dancing & singing at the same time and looking so sexy w/ her wig flowing gracefully from the wind fan. I just love it.

One of my favorite songs by her that get stuck in my head almost every day is this song. The guitar solo part where she matches the guitar with her voice is insane.

Also "Love On Top" always puts me in a smiley mood whenever i listen to it. It's pretty popular so i'd think you would have heard it before.

She experiments with a lot of different genres so idk what to suggest.
Sent by Timster,Oct 19, 2018
i no lie do think of ya when Beyonc茅 comes on the radio
Sent by Brayden_,Oct 19, 2018

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