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  1. HOLY SHIT (literally) 馃挬
  2. I always assumed Wentworth was tipped off
  3. The best player of all time
  5. We have all SLEPT on Cirie
  6. Who will be the 2 SURPRISE female returnees?
  7. WHO speaks Portuguese?
  8. Imagine if WE still watched BBcan
  9. I literally just survived The Purge @ my job
  10. Destiny's Child is UNMATCHED
  11. Cirie and Sandra were in Survivor
  12. Ex on the beach 2 reunion is one
  13. Do drag queen fans stan Shangela?
  14. Do you think Survivor doubles
  15. + for Normani still being the least
  16. Oops I and Hit Me Baby
  19. Ever since that plane crash I can't stop
  21. + or -
  22. Out of all Pop girls/divas
  23. I-
  24. RIP Amazing Race 25 runner up
  25. Ginamaracist at the Wendy Williams Show??
  26. + for Countdown
  27. Would Dance To This by Troye Sivan ft Ariana..
  28. What's the name of that dance
  29. I still can't believe we have a Survivor winner
  30. Let's see if the black girl gets
  31. Is panera bread Mac n cheese good?
  32. LMFAO Nicole from BB18 has a dog
  33. Are Mariah Carey's kids half black?
  35. Everyone keeps saying Electric Chair!
  36. I can't at this video
  37. Who woulda THUNK One Direction
  38. This is becoming my favorite Youtube series.
  39. Looks like I'm gonna bail out on BBcan again
  40. Imagine if Beyonce released Blow as a single

There's this guy at my job

Sep 10, 2018 by Timster
imageand I feel like everyone fights to be his friend. It's weird when I think about it. He's cool & all but he's not the most outgoing person. But he has this charming effect to him (the way Scottie sees Brett!!!!) He has a unique personality and a strangely deep voice that doesn't match his face at all. And he's very mysterious. He doesn't like to talk about himself much which makes him even more fascinating to talk to if you can get anything out of him.

There's like 2 girls our age that have a crush on him that follow him everywhere. All the cat ladies @ work are up his butt and feed him food when we're on break. This one guy who's our age is also obsessed w/ him and wants to hang out with him as much as possible. And then there's me who also stans him too. Mostly because he's the last guy left working my shift & we are the same age. We didn't really become friends until we were the last 2 guys standing.  The way everyone is up his butt you kinda have to fight for his attention now. I'm such a competitive person so now I want to be his BFF (like that Paris Hilton BFF show!!). I started at the bottom of his totem pole & i'm climbing up pretty quickly but I think the other guy is beating me for #1. I think i'm #2. The girls who crush on him lowkey annoy him and the cat ladies he only uses for the free food. #BrosBeforeHoes

This whole situation is so funny to me. He would win vivor if my job hosted one!!


Wow I wish I was that guy
Sent by Philip13,Sep 10, 2018
I on the other hand would do everything in my power to hate him.
Sent by Insanity17,Sep 10, 2018
insanity17 I can't help it because "he's so charming!" (insert Scottie Heart Eyes).

I'm usually the same but it's hard to relate to anyone else because the rest of the people on our shift are older women. He tries his best to give attention to all his fans. We all get our 1 on 1 time with him! He's not arrogant about it at all. He's a king! We stan.
Sent by Timster,Sep 10, 2018
Timster yeah I'd probably just ignore him.
Sent by Insanity17,Sep 10, 2018

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