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A couple super unpopular BB opinions that'll

18thJun 21, 2018 by Timster
imagemake me lose fans and twitter followers.

Jen BB8. She's okay but I didn't care for her. Out of characters her "type" I much preferred BB9's Amanda. She was more funny to me and way less annoying. Plus she felt like an actual victim in her situation unlike Jen who instigated a lot of her shit and proceeded to cry when she got confronted.

Keesha BB10. Out of the Libra/April/Keesha trio she was my least favorite. Libra was more entertaining and so was April (despite me hating her at the same time). Keesha was pretty meh to me idk why the BB fandom wants her to return the most out of all 3. I guess she wasn't aggressive enough for me. April was catty as HELL and I lived for it. And Libra was quick to get loud too. Keesha quieted down once Libra left which was zzz.

Amanda Z from 15 can kiss my black ass. She's still a racist like all her other friends & i'm glad she isn't returning. Fuck her ugly ass can't win a comp face. She's a punk and it was proven when she cried after Ginamaracist murked her ass. She's a great player though don't get me wrong. But I am completely against any racist from that season returning. I don't care. She doesn't deserve another shot at half a million with her hateful mouth.



Aaryn is the best to ever play.
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jun 21, 2018
When I watched BB8 when it aired, I disliked Jen and found her annoying. But over the years she grew on me and now I like her!

Keesha I always loved. Never found her boring and just loved everything about her. I felt so horrible when she got voted off, even though it was a smart game move

Amanda, yes I know she was racist, and I never support racism at all. But outside of that, I loved her. Her DR's were amazing (even though they were probably scripted), and she had awesome game play. I hope she gets to play again cuz i would like to see her play without the showmance and if she gets another chance, hope she quits the racist crap cuz outside of that, she's amazing!

+12 your blog though!
Sent by M2thamax,Jun 21, 2018
m2thamax thanks for plussing and commenting your opinion despite disagreeing ♥️
Sent by Timster,Jun 21, 2018
+d I loved Jen, but I don't want Amanda to return either!
Sent by mocallio,Jun 21, 2018

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