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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

pyn for an honest opinion

17thApr 7, 2021 by Tigger
ill update in about 15 mins if any1 even comments lol

imthtawesom - you are one of my bestfriends on this website. I know that you actually care about me which is hard to find on here. i love you so much you have helped me through so much listening to me rant lol. Our calls late at night are freaking hilarious nobody understands us lol. Remember the time we were talking and then i asked you what you were talking about and you said you didnt know and i didnt either lmao.. Its hilarious when we are on call with other people and they get us mixed up. Anyways thank you for being such a great friend!!!

rowjone - Youre simply amazing. You have a selfless heart and you are just soo nice.

skarsgard - You are such a bright light! I always enjoy talking to you because you are so happy, cheerful and fun to be around.

lexeyjane -  I think we also have kinda a automatic understanding when we are in the same games together and are great allies

peace123 - You are so kind and nice and im so glad to have a friend like you on this site. We have had our ups and downs but we are still great friends now. Lets be bffs 5ever <3333333333

lemonface - We haven't been friends for too long, but I think you are an incredible person! You are probably one of the sweetest people on this site and I hope we can stay friends for a while <3

ilovesleep - how did you know that was me????????????? i thought i was in incognito mode fml

brandonpinzu - Idk much about you tbh. All I know is that you’re a mod again LOL (I give you a lot of credit for being a moderator again btw; I’m sure it’s not easy). Idk if we have ever been in a game together. I mean maybe? But it might have been a long time ago. But I would be up for getting acquainted

michelleobama - I think you are a TG Royalty. Thank you for being an icon Thom!

phonee -  I have seen you around (your username looks familiar lol), but I don’t really know you :/ Send me a message sometime!

deshonbannedisback - I think you have the coolest username on this website and I cannot wait for you to leave and come back as deshonbannedisbackisbannedisback

jaxon - I have seen you around (your username looks familiar lol), but I don’t really know you :/ Send me a message sometime!

olympia - You were a yaaaaaasgaganator and I stan

temponeptune - Idk you too well, but the little that I know is that you seem sweet. Also, I am pretty sure we have been in a few games together (I think? Lol), but I've heard you're very nice!

sjsoccer88 - Check snapchat.....

treeko - Thanks for joining castings :p

tommeh208 - I do not know you yet but I think you're super cute and can't wait to hold hands in the HOF forever....

skyler1822 - I do not know much about you but I am sure I will after this week of castings!

thumper91 - LAUREN - QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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me bestie
Sent by peace123,Apr 7, 2021
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so were you the bald one or the toothpick
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sure I guess
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gwannn then
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I wanna see what u have 2 say
Sent by boneworks,Apr 8, 2021
actually nvm I don’t sry...
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add me
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