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Eurovision 2018 Semi Final 1 Prediction

Mar 19, 2018 by TheRankKing1
So Time for my prediction of Semi Final one of Eurovision 2018


19- Iceland
Iceland have gotten worst over the years. First Paper and now Our Choice. This song is hated by most people and I do predict last in the whole competition. The best the could probably do is 36th

18- Albania
Now, I think if it was SF2, Albania will qualify but it's not instead it is semi final 1 and this is WW3 with these songs. 12/19 of these songs do deserve to qualify and sadly this is not one of them

17- Armenia
This song again if it was in the other semi final it would be a definite qualifier but no. In the odds it says the Armenia will qualify and I honestly do not see that happening as 16 other songs are better than it

16- Ireland
The only reason I put it above Armenia and Albania is the message. This song is surprisingly bad and it will most definitely not qualify.

15- Lithuania
Some people say that this will qualify but I don't at all see it happening. Maybe if a miracle happens it would qualify, other than that, sadly 15th place to Lithuania.

Border-line Qualifiers
14- Belarus
Belarus goes back and forth with them qualifying or not and this time they need to improve those lyrics because  if they don't, i'm afraid that they will not be able to make it.

13- Croatia
This is the same but not with the lyrics but the performance. I need the sass and the dress to be all black for her to qualify. Maybe even make her look like a goth. If she wears that brown dress then, Good luck trying to get into the final

12- Switzerland
This one is really heartbreaking because I love the performance but let's face it. the allocation Draw has killed Switzerland. This song is one of my favorites and I hope they can deliver on stage and make it through to the final

11- FYR Macedonia
This is probably the one that has the most chance to qualify if they perform well and knock one of the ten predicted qualifiers out of my rankings. It has to sound and look good live to be 10th or even 9th

10- Austria
I was leaning to swap this with FYR Macedonia but I decided not to because this is a prediction. I feel like this will just slip through and qualify but make it to top 15 in final no way ho say.

9- Azerbaijan
I honestly thought Azerbaijan will not qualify but then I knew that Azerbaijan always qualify so I changed my mind. Hopefully it will but I can't be exactly sure.

8- Cyprus
This was where it got tough to decide but I put Cyprus here because I thought it was the weakest out of the POWER 8. This could place last in my so called POWER 8 but it is a good tune.

7- Czech Republic
This will be the best Czech Republic will do. It's not my favorite but It will qualify and maybe top 10, who knows

6- Finland
Finland will qualify this year. It has the Iceland,UK and Ireland and will possibly get into either top 10 or 15. This song can not be left at the semis

5- Bulgaria
These 5 here are for me going to go in the top 10 for sure. Bulgaria has sent amazing entries and It will be hard to beat them

4- Estonia
This song is so beautiful and majestic. It will qualify and do really well in the final. I feel like the Jury will like the dress being a part of the stage and overall, Estonia will have there best outcome the had since 2003

3- Greece
This song is a banger and will defintely qualify

2- Belgium
one of the favorites and a definite qualifier in my eyes

1- Israel
My favorite. THE favorite so yeah will do really well


And Spain?
Sent by FoxyWinters,Mar 19, 2018
Spain is already in the finals FoxyWinters
Sent by dutchone29,Mar 19, 2018
I agree with your predicted qualifiers but I don't think Armenia is out either
Sent by Patrick319,Mar 19, 2018
I think Lithuania and Macedonia stand the strongest chance out of your non qualifiers. A slow ballad always squeaks it’s way in, and in comparison to Iceland do ireland, Lithuania is miles better. I can see Austria, Greece, Cyprus and Finland all flopping too. Idk this semi is way too hard to predict lol
Sent by MyMilkshakes,Mar 19, 2018

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