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Ranking X Factor Contestants (Final 14)!

Oct 29, 2017 by TheRankKing1
I wasss so annoyed that Spencer went home,He deserved every second of the show and be crowned the winner and I honestly believe he was the performance of the weekend. Talia also deserved it,even though she isn't my favourite I still wouldn't mind if she won. Some of the worst acts are Sam Black and Leon Mallett. Without further ado let's get on with the rankings.

14- Leon Mallet
Leon is honestly one of the worst contestants to ever perform in the live shows,well done for getting the wildcard but you never deserved it at all. I hope he goes home next week or one other week because I hate him. Also he survived Spencer that's impossible but somehow it happened.

13-  Sam Black
Oh My God what was Louis thinking, I honestly think Louis go hit by a double decker bus jump in the river thames and passed out and then forgot how bad Sam was and sent him through to the live show. Why is Louis in the music business?

12- Tracy Leanne Jefford
Even though she is a lovely woman I believe she will never be high on these rankings and maybe go home next week I want her too do good but honestly think and see that she won't win this season.

11- Sean and Conor Price
Seriously, I know this is an extremely unpopular opinion but it is true they have 0% chance of winning they might get far but will most definitely not win at all. Even a snail has more talent than them.

10- Kevin Davy White
I feel like the overs are the most weakest out of any of the other categories I mean even the Boys have more chance with Lloyd, Kevin is probably the average sort of singer but I can't see him Pursuing his music career

09- Matt Linnen
Matt is probably the Overs only hope and I think he is so close to blowing it,he has no charisma on the stage his voice is a little bland (even though I like when he was moving the microphone stand). I wish him good luck but he won't make the 4th live show by far

08- Alisah Bonaobra
Honestly, I ranked Alisah here is because she has an average voice she hasn't wowed me yet. You can neg all you like but it won't change my mind at all. She has to do better to get higher in my rankings

07- Lloyd Macey
Lloyd is another average performer hasn't wowed me at all I feel like he can do better and he has to show me. I want to see him do well and  think he will go untouched for a few more live shows and then will be going home.

06- The Cutkelvins
The Cutkelvins are super good singers but I couldn't find where to rank them so I decided to rank them here (this is the point where I find it hard to decide) you can call me crazy that i've ranked them here.

05- Rak-Su
Rak-Su is amazing but same as The Cutkelvins I can't find a place to rank them I would've ranked Rak-Su higher if they won the trip to NYC to meet pink but then again I'm probably the most craziest person in the UK so yeah.

04- Grace Davies
I feel like this is as high as I can rank her,she wowed me with her original song and really did deserve her trip to NYC to meet the fabulous Pink. I think she can make a couple more live shows but then disappear into Eliminated Land.

03- Holly Tandy
Holly honestly has a voice like an actual angel she had a poor song choice that was hr only bad bit but the rest was amazing I absolutely believe that she has a chance to win this series and I hope she does.

02- Jack and Joel
I love Jack and Joel all of their performances have been amazing and they deserve there spot at live shows they have the fans and they have the judges they hopefully will make the final and the audience made an actual good decision.

01- Rai-Elle Williams
Rai-elle has to have on of the greatest voices the whole of the UK has ever heard yes even better then Beyonce. She opened the Live shows really well and I seriously think she will go far. Thank you Sharon for your decisions

Overall not a bad First Live shows I was quite angry at UK for sending home Spencer but I'll probably get over it after Rai-Elle wins. I really like the Prize Fight and think that it is the only good thing that came out of the season

Performance of Live Show 1- Spencer Sutherland

Going Home Next Week- Tracy Leanne Jefford and Leon Mallett


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