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Ranking X Factor Contestants (Final 12)!

Oct 25, 2017 by TheRankKing1
I'll Be ranking A lot of things but this is my first rankings so with out further ado let's get into ranking the X Factor Finalists

12- Tracy Leanne Jefford
Why I don't think Tracy will get very far is because of her past,Tracy was originally on X factor 2006 and if you don't know already that means returnees never win and she is a returnee. I wish good luck but if it comes down to the bottom two she will go home

11th-Sam Black
Sam Isn't the Best singer in the competition the only thing he has is the audience he proposed on the day he was eliminated (Romantic)! I unfortunately think if he gets into the bottom two Simon,Nicole and Sharon will vote for them to leave

10th- Kevin Davy White
I Think the Overs Are weak i would honestly of done the exact opposite than Nicole picked,I don't know much about Kevin but I think he has a massive chance of going home in the live it is like a bunch of false hope is piling onto Kevin And he will honestly go home by week four

09th- Matt Linen
Exactly The same as Kevin I think he has a massive chance of leaving and unfortunately by week two or three he will be gone

08th- Grace Davies
I like Grace at the Start But sadly I don't think she can cope at live shows,she went from amazing to 8th on my ranking she might survive the first live show but definitely not the second live show.

07th- Sean and Conner Price
Sean and and Conner are fan favorite but they are not good singers I personally can not believe Simon put them through over Jack and Joel. I wish the best for them but I think if they make bottom 2 they will not make it through.

06th- Lloyd Macey
OMG I'm still surprised why Lloyd is so high, he's average but does not deserve a place at live shows,I personally believe Aidan should of made it instead but whatever congrats Lloyd on having false hope and good luck losing

05th- Rak-Su
Unpopular Opinion but i honestly believe they are like Reggie and Bollie and 5 After Midnight they got ROBBED and sadly Rak-su might have the same thing coming for them,I really hope they do well and I Can't wait to see how well they do.

04th- Holly Tandy
Another Unpopular Opinion but I believe Holly will be like Emily Middlemas from Last season  just misses out on finale,I LOVE Holly but not enough to be my favorite. I hope she gets far and if my two favorites go home she will be my new favorite, I think the Girls are the best.

03rd- Cutkelvins
and the unpopular opinions keep on coming,The cutkelvins are like Reggie and bollie they are really good and enjoyable but they are not the very very best. The Cutkelvins have a lot coming and I really hope they deliver like they have done every other time

02nd- Rai-elle Williams
One of my 2 favorites I absolutely think she has a voice like an angel and Sharon made the best decision she has made eliminating Alisah and bringing Rai-elle in, Also I think the only thing that will be against her is her age.

01st- Spencer Sutherland
Spencer is another of my 2 favorites,He is literally one of the best singers on the show and I can not wait for him to sing. There will only be 6 live shows in the Season and I think Spencer will excel and will make the final.

Going Home- Tracy Leanne Jefford


Alexandra burke was a returner and won. Fluer east was a returnee and made the f2.
Sent by dudetb3,Oct 25, 2017

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