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Ranking The Belarus Candidates for eurovision

Feb 15, 2018 by TheRankKing1
Belarus honestly has a strong set this year only 3 songs I dislike and that is almost a record anywhere tomorrow Belarus will choose there entry for Eurovision. I'll be ranking the ten songs and then predict what placements they will come in.

10th Shuma (Hmarki) 1.5
This song feels like it's on for hours and hours and hours and I don't like that. I get bored really easily by this song and I hope it does not win the National selection because it could be at the bottom of my favorites.

09th Radiovolna (Subway Lines) 2.5
I like most ballads but this ballad is the worst one I have heard. Now,Portugal from last year was bad but this takes it to another level. Will Belarus send a ballad to Eurovision? I bloody well hope not.

08th Lexy (Ain't You) 2.5
Now why is this song in the national selection because it is not good at all. I feel like people will like it and maybe vote for it but anything could happen and I hope this does not win otherwise *sigh*

07th Anastasiya Malashkevich- World On Fire 3
Now this song is OK the only reason I rank it so low and gave it a three is because: in the music video it is great but in the live performance it is absolute rubbish. I hope Belarus make the right decision of leaving this behind but good luck.

06th Adagio- Ty I Ja 5
This song is average,not to bad but not too good as well. I like it's classical feel but there is something missing. If it were to make it through to Eurovision I advise it to get their vocals better. Also the harmonies are amazing.

05th- Gunesh-I won't cry 5.5
This song is also average. I hate the verse,but the chorus is really good and I really think this could be a dark horse. It will need a revamp if it gets through tho. Gunesh,I wish you the best of luck.

04th- Alen Hit- I Don't Care 6.5
This song I really like and hope it does well.The only thing i don't like is his accent is a little strong and it is really distracting but overall really good the chorus is a bit repetitive but it makes up for it with the perfect verses.

03rd Kirill Good- De Ja Vu 7
This song is perfect for Eurovision, the start is a little slow but it gets faster. i can see it on stage and it is incredible. My favorite bit is the chorus and it could be a dark horse. Also, Good luck.

02nd- Alexseev-Forever 8.5
This song is incredible. Hot guy,catchy lyrics,good song and amazing rhythm. I hope this goes through and do well in Eurovision. It also has had a lot of love and support from Belarus. This is a real contender and could snatch it at the end of the show.

01st- Napoli- Chasing Rushes 9
This song is a dead set winner for me. It will fit in well in Eurovision and will do well if it's in the contest. This song is my favorite song that I have heard in eurovision 2018 THIS YEAR. If it gets through well make way United Kingdom this would be my favorite.

Prediction: I had a really hard time ordering this but I made a decision
1st- Napoli- Chasing Rushes
2nd- Kirill- De Ja Vu
3rd- Alexseev- Forever
4th- Gunesh- I won't cry
5th Anastasiya Malashkevich- World On Fire
6th- Alen Hit- I Don't Care
7th- Lexy Ain't You
8th- Adagio- Ty I Ja
9th-  Shuma Hmarki
10th-  Radiovolna Subway Lines


wow i agree with ur top 2 im shooketh i love napoli and alekseev
Sent by adeleadele,Feb 15, 2018

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