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Ask a Conservative About....

Nov 9, 2012 by Stearns
OK, so if you're wondering why a conservative holds certain positions, here's your chance to ask away.

I'll take the most interesting questions, and follow up in new posts.

#conservative #politics

AlbertHodges, what you wrote about kids needing male and female expertise makes sense.  I wish more people used common sense in remembering how babies are made.

tomhartnell, I've never heard libertarians care much about our southern border.  They usually say that we should embrace illegal immigrant naturalization in order to tolerate free labor.  That way, bottom feeder jobs get done which nobody wants to do.  What you said was very interesting.  Also, I agree with what you said about drug crime, but people use drugs since they're socially alienated.  If society had bolstered family and social values, we wouldn't need drugs to compensate.    Instead, drug use gets victims stuck on a vicious cycle where they get high to escape their problems rather than living in a society where problems are solved.


This was what I responded to from AlbertHodges and tomhartnell:
Sent by Stearns,Nov 9, 2012
AlbertHodges is a retard, 100%
Sent by tomhartnell,Nov 10, 2012

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