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Ask a Conservative About....

Nov 9, 2012 by Stearns
OK, so if you're wondering why a conservative holds certain positions, here's your chance to ask away.

I'll take the most interesting questions, and follow up in new posts.

#conservative #politics


Why do conservatives believe the wealthy should not pay a higher tax % than those who are middle class? We have a progressive tax already in place, why do they feel it doesn't or shouldn't continue to increase for $250,000+ ?
Sent by Keyston,Nov 9, 2012
First response:
Sent by Stearns,Nov 9, 2012
why are conservatives so fucking stupid?
Sent by Brandonator,Nov 9, 2012
Second response:
Sent by Stearns,Nov 9, 2012
From a fellow conservative :)

Why do you think people think taking all the rich people's money is enough? Is it because they don't do the math and realize if you tax the top 1% and take every penny they earn it is barely enough to cover a single year of government spending?
Sent by Kpnna,Nov 9, 2012
Third response:
Sent by Stearns,Nov 9, 2012
Why do conservatives believe that same sex marriage is wrong? If you bring up the "sanctity of marriage" you are full of shit!

Why are conservatives against social liberty?
Why don't conservatives feel that every person should live their lives the way they want it if it doesn't intrude on how other people are living?

I want a serious response, not an ignorant one!
Sent by tomhartnell,Nov 9, 2012
I have a something-parter!

Do you believe that the free market can deal with negative externalities?
If so, why? If not, to what degree should government intervene to redress those externalities?
Sent by Drench,Nov 9, 2012
tomhartnell There's multiple types of conservatives. Fiscal conservatives are not necessarily social conservatives, and vice versa. Of course, Stearns may be both, but he could very well be only a fiscal conservative.
Sent by Drench,Nov 9, 2012
Drench A conservative should be fiscally conservative and socially conservative

if they are socially liberal and fiscally conservative... than guess what

Sent by tomhartnell,Nov 9, 2012
Fourth response:
Sent by Stearns,Nov 9, 2012
Libertarians are different altogether, tomhartnell. Libertarians believe that roads will build themselves and nobody would ever be mean to one another.

They're super retarded and shouldn't be confused with fiscal conservatives.
Sent by Drench,Nov 9, 2012
Drench you are an uneducated fool
Sent by tomhartnell,Nov 9, 2012
Please, tell me more about how private security forces are a good idea. And I'm sure the gold standard won't cause massive inflation, obliterating the lower class. Ooh, and competing currencies. Don't get me started!
Sent by Drench,Nov 9, 2012
Marriage was never meant to be about 2 people's is about a man and woman joining together FOR LIFE in order to build a safe and nurturing family for children.

Children need both a mother and a is key to their proper development. Men and women are NOT the same thing....they are different in more ways that their physical attribute.

Having said that, if social conservatives really believed in the sanctity of marriage, they would work harder at ending and limiting divorce.

More kids are fucked up by their parents splitting up than they are by what 2 gay people do or dont do.

A relationsbip between 2 adults is not the same as a marriage. That is why gay couples should have civil unions so they and the family they are building can be protected without it being a marriage. Just like a divorced woman or man should be able to enter a civil union to allow them to protect their families...just dont call it a marriage.
Sent by AlbertHodges,Nov 9, 2012
Libertarians believe in Social and Fiscal Liberty, also believe that we should handle our own issues in a rational way... We don't believe roads build themselves, we believe that people shouldn't be forced to take the roads that they don't want to... We believe people should take personal responsibilty and not interfere in the lives and freedoms of others, We believe that we should focus our attention on the matters that honestly are effecting our own personal liberties, and our own structure...

We want out of the middle east because there is a bigger issue growing within our country... We believe that you can't have a strong exterior unless you have a strong interior...

We want to focus on mexico and the drug mafias because they are doing more harm to us and to this world, than any Islamic sect in the Middle East...

We believe in Legalizing as much as we can, because it creates opertunity and responsibility... People are going to do drugs, People are going to sell drugs, people are going to sell themselves, and people are going to buy other's bodies... Why irrationally spend money on people for petty crimes when there are actual evil things being done, BECAUSE the petty crimes truly are gateway crimes to things that are even bigger.

I have evidence, fact, and History to provide proof for me, Please Drench show me one form of evidence that you have to prove that your uneducated stupidity is right on any mean
Sent by tomhartnell,Nov 9, 2012
Apart from seeing none of your supposed evidence, fact, or history, you sound like a fiscal conservative with socially liberal leanings. Libertarians are the types that say government shouldn't do anything. We might have different definitions of the term, but I digress. I'm talking more about AnCaps and Left-anarchists who are super crazy.

Unless you're one of them, in which case, please say so.
Sent by Drench,Nov 9, 2012
AlbertHodges the only need a child has for a mother and a father is for conception...
Marriage in this country provides certain rights to couples that are married, And ALL people should be allowed to receive those rights and privileges, Limiting someone's right to those are proving that social ignorance is fine. Civil Unions do not provide the privileges that a marriage provides... and if so, than marriages all together might as well be made illegal, because a civil union would be a more rational approach...

your comment about how a child needs both is wrong, because it isn't what parents are in your life, its where your parents/parent ranks in their class of wealth. A single mother/single father who is in the upper class can raise a very well and very intelligent child who has very rational ideals...
A Mother and Father unit in the lower class, working class, or even lower middle class... and EVEN in the upper class can raise a child that is a detriment on society.
It isn't the amount or gender of parents you have
it is the type of parent you have

A responsible parent raises a responsible child
an irrational and irresponsible parent will raise an irrational and irresponsible child
Sent by tomhartnell,Nov 9, 2012
Fifth response:
Sent by Stearns,Nov 9, 2012
Sixth response:
Sent by Stearns,Nov 9, 2012

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