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Ask a Conservative About....

Nov 9, 2012 by Stearns
OK, so if you're wondering why a conservative holds certain positions, here's your chance to ask away.

I'll take the most interesting questions, and follow up in new posts.

#conservative #politics


A lot of people think conservatives are stupid because they stereotype all conservatives as rednecks.  This really isn't the case.  Some famous conservative thinkers include Frank Meyer, Russell Kirk, Eric Voegelin, and William F. Buckley Jr.

The key to conservatism is understanding what it is to conserve.  For example, conservatives oppose abortion.  Why?  Conservatives believe people are innocent before proven guilty, and nobody is entitled to judge anyone else by default.  This includes evaluating cognition.  Preborns don't consent to exist, and any sort of medical evidence used to evaluate their behavior as a sign of cognition is a subjective value judgment.  It presumes what behavior corresponds with what attitudes.  That's prejudiced, and doesn't conserve the innocence which people exist with by default. 

If you want another example, think about how sometimes, people smile when they're embarrassed, or people get defensive when accused wrongly.  Just because someone smiles doesn't mean someone's happy, and just because someone's defensive doesn't mean someone's guilty.


This was what I responded to from Brandonator:
Sent by Stearns,Nov 9, 2012
That made no sense
Sent by Brandonator,Nov 9, 2012

Did you believe conservatives are stupid in some other way?
Sent by Stearns,Nov 9, 2012

Brandonator is as left as you can get so there's no point trying to talk to him about politics, he'll just call you a retard and threaten you and move on.
Sent by Kpnna,Nov 9, 2012
ikr brandonator
and I am a conservative and I got confused at what was being said lmao
Sent by sjsoccer88,Nov 10, 2012

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