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When I was banned...

5thMar 22, 2019 by Spiderhitler
It took Admin 48 hours to reply to me with what I did to be banned. However Chameleon777 was banned at same time and had her ban removed in less then 24 hours for her death threats. I personally don't know that story and not pro or against her being reinstated only reason I mention is it is because this means Admin clearly had to of seen my email asking why I was banned before the 48 hour reply. 2nd gives me a reason sure I said what I said is it banable ehhh that is questionable at best seeing how I said the thing 4 days prior to me being banned. But since that reply of what I did I've sent 4 other emails no replys since being unbanned mailed him asking question nothing. WHY WONT YOU TALK TO ME KANDEE_ I know were not friends but come on be reasonable with your power. Yes I will be posting a blog with full detail of what I said.


When I got permed I sent an email and admin responded to it in like 2 hrs so not too bad but then never responded to me for the next day I was banned until finally it was lifted and STILL never got a response sksk
Sent by peace123,Mar 22, 2019
She was banned for 2 days. Stop being jealous.
Sent by Babeeeidah,Mar 23, 2019
and you made everyone think it was my fault
Sent by Aquamarine,Mar 23, 2019
Aquamarine at the time I was under the assumption it was from my blog on you not for a stupid B.S. comment I made 4 days prior. I since have said otherwise it took kandee 2 days to come up with a weak reason
Sent by Spiderhitler,Mar 23, 2019

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