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Stars final 3 assessment

Mar 23, 2019 by Spiderhitler
Milkisgood - you were the only unnommed person that is impressive AF the fact you were called out multiple times but yet people were willing to jump on the sword to protect you proves your social game was far and above anyone in the game.

C00ldude1000 - You tried your best early with me in the game to flip it but with so many sheep in 1 game only so much you can do congrats on making final 3 after being the flavor I was meant to be. lol

Insanity - Honestly I would love to hear why you think you deserve to win over either of these 2, why didn't you go after Milk ever? Why keep riding coattails? What move did you make that was yours and not Aquamarine or Milkisgood plan?


My only critique of milkisgood unnommed is that he was in a premodern (do it twice without one sistah ;)

Nonetheless I know he’s an awesome player and he had to still avoid the block w/ a huge target. He played the numbers and won.

c00ldude1000 has really come along as a player. Props to him.

Idk anything about insanity really tbh
Sent by KrisStory,Mar 23, 2019
@krissstory you need to play stars again and redeem the wins you deserve
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Mar 23, 2019

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