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Taking a Break.... Mar 25, 2019
Sorry yall but I'm gonna have to take a break from this site IDK how long the break will be maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe longer if I even make it back at all. I got stuff going on in real life that I gotta worry about so was fun. I thank everyone for the games I got to play whether you were with me or against me games were fun :).
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I want a easter basket... Mar 24, 2019
Milkisgood Congrats on winning man :)
Points: 15 1 comments
In the red corner you have Cakelikeevv and in the Blue corner you have 2388 who will win this intense war...
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Who is Bryce Keesh? Mar 24, 2019
And how does he steal all these accounts all the time? I just been seeing his name alot recently a rumor of him being Dingoes135 now. Who is he and how does he keep doing it?

Also has Kandee_ / Admin been updated on this news?
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Well it time for me to log off... Mar 23, 2019
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Question.... Mar 23, 2019
Insanity all I wanna know is what move that you made that deserves to beat a Unnommed player? Why didn't you pull the trigger there were plenty of opportunities? What was the 1 big move you made that stands out?
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