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If it offensive then sorry

Mar 22, 2019 by Spiderhitler
I never meant it to be I said sorry right afterwards my point since day 1 of my ban is how biased Admin is with his bans people can go around making fun of you because you have a disorder? Calling you retard left and right? But I can't say what animals I don't wanna eat? Should I be shocked this comment I said this to is the same people who also go around making bullying people on daily basis? But admin says nothing he can do that not banable


its not just saying what animals u eat ur just assuming all chinese food has dog or cat in it and thats why people are mad
i really dont give a shit if you're making a joke but it seems clear u were actually serious
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Mar 22, 2019
it doesn't really feel like an apology when you still victimize yourself by attempting to call admin out in an apology blog
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Mar 22, 2019
Memphis_Grizzlies but you read my comment in the context you choose to read it same as other who didn't find it offensive. How is that any different then not banning someone for calling out disorders?
Sent by Spiderhitler,Mar 22, 2019
Calebdaboss I done apologized for the comment to the original poster at this point I don't care I just want Admin to admit he Biased AF
Sent by Spiderhitler,Mar 22, 2019
no, i read it in the context you chose to type it. you made it offensive, not me
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Mar 22, 2019

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