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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

HG Ride or Die was a FLOP

8thOct 21, 2023 by SexyTex
imageGame Idea in blog below:

Wanted to try and bring the stadegy back into the hunger games. Take a group of 18 friends and having them play agaisnt eachother for the win was more drama then I thought it would be.

As the First Lady of the 3rd HG Cycle I want to thank the people who played the game in the order they lost.

Thumper91 and JetsRock12 the first blindside of the season. They took out Lauren knowing Jets would never get his back to back win.

Yaddddiggz and nickgqc people claimed they didnt know who Yadds partner was and they were all "shocked" when it was poor Nick.

countrysavage and Yandereboy12 these 2 were quiet and my take away was an easy target for everyone involved.

Gaiaphagee and Crayadian I was shocked by this! Keep in mind I was not apart of any chats but I think its safe to say Mr. Stoner was in all of them. I loved this pairing a lot and wanted them to make it.

BBlover96 and mrkkkkyle Old stars beef played a role in their downfall. Was hoping this could bring them together. Jayson thank you for being a good sport.

disneygeek and hwest14 (who is still alive) All the drama was too much for Robby to take. I thought these 2 together would make it far together but im not sure if they were on the same page at all.

Jenna2010 and hujain ( who is still alive) The last min stunt of Jenna trying be switched in order for Hwest to be paired with hunter. This is where all hell broke loose. That wasnt the point of the game and would not be fair for anyone who left prior to you. No bad blood because at the end of the day its just a game.

yswimmer96 and SoulessGinger I will give you both credit. I didnt think you guys would make it this far. You played a good game. Ginger im sorry your first time with us was so much drama.

And reguardless of how the placements go. THE LAST RIDE OR DIE PARTNERS LEFT IN THE GAME. And the true winners of Tex's Ride or Die HG......

cswaggerr And survivorworld33 !!!!

Amazing game from you both! <3


If anyone wants to gift the host please help support Bodega Veneta.


hujain is a trash human
Sent by survivorworld33,Oct 21, 2023
Don鈥檛 know how Jenna got fucked over in all of it but it wasn鈥檛 ok. Hunter took a fun twist on a game with friends and took it way too seriously and caused so much drama for what?
Sent by disneygeek,Oct 21, 2023
Nooooooo you did great!
Sent by hwest14,Oct 21, 2023
You had the best intentions Austin 馃挏
Sent by hujain,Oct 21, 2023
First of all, I died by accident. hujain had no clue what even happened. I honestly don鈥檛 care if anyone believes that or not because it is the truth. He didn鈥檛 orchestrate anything with me leaving and he had zero clue I was going to ask to give my spot to Houston. disneygeek don鈥檛 speak on what you don鈥檛 know. I wasn鈥檛 screwed over, I made a mistake and died. End of story!
Sent by Jenna2010,Oct 21, 2023
If that鈥檚 the case hunter should鈥檝e died. Carlos should be the winner.
Sent by disneygeek,Oct 21, 2023
whyd you put me with a winner LOL i feel like i was robbed
Sent by Thumper91,Oct 21, 2023
It was fun!
Sent by cswaggerr,Oct 21, 2023

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