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LadyLizard <33333

1stJan 16, 2023 by SexyTex
I got a message on FB that you passed away. I wish you knew how much you were loved and how much you meant to me. I miss your voice and laugh from all our skype calls. I love you ladylizard aka the orginal honeybuns. β€πŸ€β€οΈπŸ€β€οΈπŸ€

Ps Imma put on my red weave for you 😘. I dont have anything cute in green. πŸ™ƒ


It’s been 7 years. Holy shit. :( what a legend and a genuine human soul. I miss you Carlena
Sent by andalarew_2231,Jan 16, 2023
andalarew_2231 yea its crazy how much time has passes. Im going through memory lane right now. I still have old FB messages from her πŸ’”
Sent by SexyTex,Jan 16, 2023
Sent by Gilby,Jan 17, 2023
Sent by Danger,Jan 17, 2023
Sent by BlueStar,Jan 17, 2023
Sent by Tommeh208,Jan 17, 2023
Sent by brandonpinzu,Jan 17, 2023
Aww, this is so sad :(
Sent by Bowler23,Jan 17, 2023
Sent by Fendimania,Jan 17, 2023
Sorry for your loss, Austin
Sent by VanitySmurf,Jan 17, 2023
Thank you vanitysmurf β€οΈπŸ’™
Sent by SexyTex,Jan 17, 2023
7 years aww. What a legend, hope you’re sleeping well Carlena ❀️
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jan 17, 2023
I loved Carlena so much she helped me so many teenage troubles πŸ₯ΉπŸ˜
Sent by jason_2_12,Jan 17, 2023
Sent by jason_2_12,Jan 17, 2023
i MISS Carlena too she was my friend and acquaintance on here. i always looked forward to her random inboxes and private messages in game. may she rest in peace.
Sent by NathanDamnit,Jan 17, 2023
I miss carlena alot ! Her and jono where the first people I classed as actual friends on here, genuinley such a warm and lovely soul that I will never ever forget 😒❣️
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Jan 17, 2023
I miss talking on calls with her all the time :( can’t believe it’s been so long
Sent by smi9127,Jan 17, 2023
Sent by Cromatique,Jan 17, 2023

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