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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games Story 6: Finale

Mar 2, 2021 by SeaViper
It's time for the end. I did plan to do 6 days, but I'm ending it on four because honestly, I don't want this to drag on for that long


Sebastian ( LaCroix)- 13


Contessa ( Crayadian)- 18


Tommy ( Tommy123)- 15
Tam ( Tbrown_47)- 14


Adelaine ( LornaHollas)- 12

Sponsor: Sadhbh ( Black_Wave)


Logan ( Lhooper902976)- 15
Ahmada ( Midiaw)- 16


Meil ( ColinCoco)- 15

DISTRICT 13 (New):

Søren ( J4ckWilko)- 16
Pia ( Jameslu)- 16

---------THE SCHOOL----------

*As Logan wakes up, he's shocked to see no sun, but darkness outside. He thinks about the time. Confused, he just thinks he's woken up in the middle of the night. He tries to go back to sleep, but struggles. Reluctantly, he packs up his supplies, stepping out of the school and walking down the hallway. It's definitely dark outside. He looks around in the dark, unable to see any tributes. His eye then suddenly catches something. It advances closer. Logan doesn't seem to make any effort to go in, instead, staring at whatever it is. The figure slowly approaches, and Logan begins to walk towards it. As the figures walk towards each other...the cameras suddenly switch feeds*


*Tributes across the arena wake up to the sound of Logan's screams. Many seem confused by the darkness outside, Tommy and Tam even looking at the nearby clock to see it's midday*


*Contessa quickly sits up after hearing Logan's screams. She quickly checks the door's locked, looking outside for anything she can possibly see. It's nothing but darkness. A black mist begins to roll in on the horizon, causing Contessa to get to her feet. The mist passes the shop window but it doesn't leave. Contessa quickly spins around to see two figures, one holding a crossbow*

Contessa: I-

*Immediately, the figure holding the crossbow lets the bolt fly, Before she can react, Contessa's on the floor, screaming*

Contessa: WHAT THE FUCK!

*The figures advance closer, the second figure now holding a knife. Contessa quickly struggles to her feet, running to the door. She quickly unlocks it, but can't open it in time as a knife hits her in the back of the head. She crumples to the floor*


*The figures take off their masks, looking at each other and grinning*

Soren: We did it...

*Pia lets out a long breath, looking down at Contessa's body*

Pia: Honestly, she was the only one that had a chance at winning...

Soren: This group really was lackluster...never mind, I'm sure next year will be better!

*The pair both put their masks back on, stepping into the mist*


*A voice suddenly rings out across the arena*

Rosalina: If I had to rate the group of you out of 10, I'd give you a 0. Not only have you been the most average group of tributes I've ever seen, but I'm fairly sure that none of you left even have a kill. Absolutely pathetic. You can continue to sit doing nothing, or you can shift your asses and do something. These games were meant to go un much longer but...the president HERSELF said she wishes these games be over, so she doesn't have to look at your intolerable little faces anymore. Either way, get to the cornucopia, or your worst nightmares will become true!

*The fog quickly begins to thicken*

Rosalina: I hope the lot of you have fun in obscurity!

*As the voice cuts out, the ground begins to shake and the fog thickens further. Many tributes begin to panic, grabbing any supplies they can. Something begins to move in the darkness*


*As the ground shakes between Meil and Ahmada, they frantically look at each other*

Meil: It's gonna cave in!

*Meil quickly gets to her feet, running to the door. Ahmada is right behind*

Ahmada: Sorry...I need to win this!

*Ahmada quickly grabs Meil, slamming her head into a shelf, then dropping her. The building collapses only seconds later*


*The buildings around the arena quickly begin to collapse, starting with the shops. Tam and Tommy quickly make a break for it, Tommy grabbing the door. Tam tumbles down the stairs, landing hard at the bottom. Tommy helps her up, and they run for the door of the shop, only to find a shelf has fallen, blocking the door*

Tam: SHIT!

*The pair can only watch as the roof collapses onto them*



*Adaline quickly struggles to stand, attempting to escape town hall. She limps, the arrow shot by Contessa still stuck in her legs. She makes it out, tumbling into the darkness. She begins to look around, no longer sure of which direction is which. She trips over something, falling hard*


*As the ground begins to shake, Sebastian looks to his glasses, putting them on. He realizes he can see heat, spotting two figures running wildly in the cornucopia. He steps out into the fog, walking through what he remembers of the street towards the tributes. He quickly finds Alaine, reaching for the knife he'd found the previous day. Adaline looks around in panic as she realizes someone's standing right on her*


*As Sebastian pulls the knife out of Adaline's brain, he can hear Ahmada shouting*


*As Sebastian turns to look for Ahmada, something heavy hits him, knocking him to the ground, and his glasses away. Ahmada quickly starts beating the ground where she thinks Sebastian fell but is completely wrong. Sebastian can no longer see the glasses. Both Ahmada and Sebastian flail around with their respective weapons, both trying to be as quiet as possible. As Ahmada accidentally rustles a bush, Sebastian turns around, hearing through the mist. He takes a deep breath, readying his knife and throwing it*


*The mist rapidly starts clearing, leaving Sebastian standing by the cornucopia. He can see Ahmada's body, his knife in her heart. Sebastian looks around in shock*

Rosalina: Ladies and Gentlemen, the victor of the 98th Hunger Games is...some tributes that got literally no edit!

*Sebastian doesn't seem to care what she's saying about him as he collapses to the floor, a hovercraft coming to collect him*

----------AFTER THE GAMES----------

After his victory in the games, the 98th Hunger Games quickly went down as one of the most controversial games in history. The ending and death order was disliked by most people, citing that Sebastian would have lost if the assassin twist wasn't in place. Due to this, the assassin twist ran it's final course in the following games

As for Sebastian, he returned to District 3 where he led a quiet life. The 98th Games quickly got lost to time, with many praising the early games, but the late games being considered the worst final day. Sebastian currently mentors District 3 tributes, but it has been noted that in just the two years following his games, Sebastian has developed an addition to the Morphling drug, commonly used in District 6

----------END OF SEASON 6---------

So um...sorry for the abrupt ending. It was honestly a case of not really knowing where to go from. After I realized Contessa died 7th, I also realized that none of these tributes were written in as fighters, which made trying to create a final showdown difficult, so I just kind of went with hell...

Thank you everyone for playing. I'm not sure what I'm going to do in terms of moving from here. Season 7 will happen, and I'll probably open applications shortly. I hope it'll be more of a return to form after today because I'm not particularly satisfied with the ending either


sebastian kinda dad
Sent by varlto,Mar 2, 2021
wait how did Pia & Soren do?
Sent by Jameslu,Mar 2, 2021
Sebastian U bitch
Sent by Midiaw,Mar 2, 2021
jameslu We survived since we was the assassins and we killed three
Sent by J4ckWilko,Mar 2, 2021
I love that u cancelled the season after contessa died , she really should have been it
Sent by Crayadian,Mar 2, 2021
J4ckWilko OHHHH
Sent by Jameslu,Mar 2, 2021
Sad I died first in the finale
Sent by lhooper902976,Mar 2, 2021
Sent by LaCroix,Mar 2, 2021

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