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Hard dilemma

Nov 25, 2023 by OnionNews2018
I'm about to move again, and just quit my job over a situation I never thought I'd encounter.

A couple weeks ago, I was writing and all of a sudden I heard screaming from the other room,my roommate was unconscious on the floor, his junkie friend telling me to call 911

Well I couldn't call 911, my phone was being slow, so I yelled for his kid to get up, so I could use his phone. And the kid seen his dad.

I called 911 and talked for what seemed like an hour. An hour of stupid fuckin questions that can be asked after the emergency!!!!

Really it was 5 minutes, but to see my friend like that, to see his kid seeing him like that, and then what happened next infuriated me, the junkie hung up the phone, and freaked out.

My friend had just survived an cocaine overdose in front of his twelve year old son! And now I'm being told to send the cops away?

The junkie sent them away, and the next day I started making plans, my roommate thinks I'm a bitch now because I have a problem with the junkie being over here 5/7 days a week, he talks about how I was stupid for calling the cops, and is still actively using uppers when his kid is over, his mother thinks I'm an asshole too because he's told her that I yelled at the junkie, when The junkie is just trying to make life better for himself, as he's a struggling felon (sex offender, slept with 3 13 year old girls) and he is pissy with me because I wont let his 13 year old smoke my cannabis (I had it hidden)

I don't want to move, but this is such a toxic environment, 6 grown adults 5 are men, 1 is a junkie/sex offender and 2 adolescent boys. Apparently this is normal and I'm crazy for having an issue with this, but to be frank, I'm running my mouth the moment I leave


Yes, it’s best to get put of that toxic situation
Sent by Scooby69,Nov 25, 2023

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