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Body Positivity

Oct 12, 2023 by OnionNews2018
What bothers me about being body positive, is that most people are full of shit, they say all these great things about embracing your weight, however if you complain about being slow, out of breath, sweating, tearing clothes, hemorrhoids, gas pain, clothes that obstruct my ability to perform tasks, but they're the only items that hide my rolls, constricting clothing, cuts on the skin from clothing, hypertension, Going to the store to find out they don't carry your size, but for $50 more you may be able to buy something online that you can squeeze into and tear, hating to be seen eating in public, worrying if someone is going to harass you, worrying that every time you see anyone in your vicinity laughing that its about you.

Skinny people tell me to ignore these issues and remain positive, however if you have no clue what its like experiencing these situations, you have no clue what body positivity is.


What? Gas pain and hemorrhoids come from obesity?
Sent by Morant,Oct 12, 2023

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