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Andrew Savage Lost

May 18, 2023 by OnionNews2018
Because he chose Abi over PeighGee

PeihGee would have been loyal, Woo would have been loyal to PeihGee and Savage. The Coven would have never assembled, and Savage probably would have won.

I'm happy with the way Cambodia turned out, but Andrew's game was lost when he voted out PeighGee


Yeah but you cant take back the fact that he successfully usurped Angkor with Tasha and in taking PeihGee over Abi mightve caused a 3-2 vote at Angkor’s second premerge tribal sending himself home. Plus, he was an icon during the Heroes Challenge and hey… at least he made jury?
Sent by arskinsky78,May 18, 2023

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