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I got detained by the Police

May 17, 2023 by OnionNews2018
imageFor having a q tip in my car.

Now, I have a cold, and have been using qtips against the surgeon general's guidelines, however I never thought cleaning my ears out with a q tip could end with me and my mom being cuffed and put into police cars.

I had no idea people used qtips to do meth with. So apparently that gives officer Dangle (who literally looks like the guy from Reno 911) to go through my car.

Fine, fine I'll comply, but remember I've been sick.

This pig went through my dirty snot rags, my phlegm rags, and my dirty napkins that were also filled with phlegm and snot to find ....




This cocky son of a bitch called his friend out acting like he hit the jackpot to arrest a 300 lb kid with autism and his elderly mother.

The other officer who came out apologized three times, and I think he's pissed because he had to go back to the office to sanitize everything he had.

Sucks for them

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