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The Depression Monster

Jul 31, 2023 by OnionNews2018
He lures you in with the words you want to hear, validating your concerns, reminding you that you're better than what you get, that you deserve more. And then he hooks you, makes you feel intense feelings of underappreciated worth, then reminds you that you're not the problem, all while telling you that maybe you are, maybe you're the different one and everyone else is wrong. Then you question the monster, and the monster hates this, so he bites back and tells you that maybe you're right and maybe you're not good enough.  Then he reminds you of everything negative everyone has ever said about you regarding the subject. He reminds you of your little accomplishments that you felt proud over, and how they're irrelevant and you didn't really do that great of a job. Then he tells you that everyone hates you, reminds you that it's your fault, and then he tells you that you're the reason everyone around you has a shitty life, that you're the problem. Completely changing your reality to fit his dark plot. Eventually you find yourself, three days into a depression spell, hating the world around you and yourself.

Does anyone else fall into this cycle?

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