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I recieved a message

1stJan 12, 2018 by NikoTime
And it was from lmaobrit2214's account.. however, it was his mother who was sending the message.

She told me that she looked through all of our messages and our chats and of all people, she asked me to make this blog..

Ugh, I don't know what words to say or how to put this, but here goes..

But she broke the news to me, and asked me to make it public that lmaobrit2214 has committed suicide..

Now, when I read this, I was shocked.. I was flabbergasted, because everyone knows how much Chris meant to me.. that's why I feel guilty and gutted

The fact that I was never there at the very end..

This is the message I received:

"Hello, you don’t know me. I’m Chris’s mom. I just wanted to let you know that wednesday Chris succesfully killed himself. On his phone, “tengaged” was opened and I read everything between you two. Thank you for being so nice to him. He was treated so badly by many. All I have to say is thank you, and I want you to make this news public so others dealing with similar issues can come forward. Thank you for being there for my son. Goodbye."


Bullying is a serious problem.. I was aware Chris was bullied and how it affected him, and his mom is right to say that anyone dealing with similar issues should come forward..


Chris.. wherever you are.. I hope it's a place where you can finally not have to worry about the ones who treat you badly.. I hope its a happier place, which takes away all the suffering that you've dealt with for so long.. I'm really sad that it has come to this and this is how we part.. but wherever you are.. we will meet again someday.. I love you Chris..


Awwww :(
Sent by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge,Jan 12, 2018
Sent by TaraG,Jan 12, 2018
Oh dear...  I'm sorry to hear about this  :(  I know what it's like to lose a close friend NikoTime because it's happened to me before too, so if you ever need a shoulder to lean on, well here I am.  <3

I do hope lmaobrit2214 is in a better place.  Rest in peace, and that was really sweet of his mother to message you the way she did.  I hope she can stay strong because in death does the biggest unities come together.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jan 12, 2018
Sent by NotNicky333,Jan 12, 2018
Successfully killed himself LOL
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jan 12, 2018
So fake xD
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jan 12, 2018
LMAAO I can’t at some people believing this. So a guy kills himself & the first thing his mother does is goes on his phone & chats with his tengaged friends? LOL
Sent by Maybelline,Jan 12, 2018
Imagine seeing your son dead & then going straight to his phone to play tengaged LMAAAO
Sent by Maybelline,Jan 12, 2018
I just wanted to let you know that wednesday Chris succesfully killed himself.

Um, I don't think any mother would say they successfully done it. Also, I highly doubt his phone would be her first priority.
Sent by QueenBec,Jan 12, 2018
He was online Two Hours ago
Sent by Magix,Jan 12, 2018
im shook at successfully killed himself tf
Sent by levonini,Jan 12, 2018
succesfully killed himself.
Sent by xFalsify,Jan 12, 2018
successfully killed himself
Sent by mathboy9,Jan 12, 2018
succesfully killed himself im deadddddddd too, make a blog about it pls
Sent by Ari_,Jan 12, 2018
maybe he had tried unsuccessfully before, I donèt know why all you assholes are commenting anyway...

queenbec , he did it Wednesday, so it wasn't 1st thing. Even though I think that would be the 1st person someone would check
Sent by TaraG,Jan 12, 2018
TaraG pls don't tell me that this message seems legit to u.
Sent by Ari_,Jan 12, 2018
oh no my son killed himself
lemme go on his phone and chat with his online friends
Sent by Electric,Jan 12, 2018
I'm nice. I don't hold grudges, unless you lie.
I strive to be known as the villain.
Feminists are fucking retarded
Proud Bisexual
Proud atheist
Proud cthulu worshipper
Sent by Carsonl,Jan 12, 2018
The funniest part is that you are also one of those cyber bullies who send death threats. And now you be like "bullying is baaad" LMAO
Sent by sk9ergal,Jan 12, 2018
LOL of course there's always that one gullible dumbass TaraG
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jan 12, 2018
You don't know what is true or not, so fuck off wannabeefriends
Sent by TaraG,Jan 12, 2018
he had "Feminists are fucking retarded" so we're probably better off
Sent by AustinRules6969,Jan 12, 2018
he didn't like me but the feeling wasn't mutual :(
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Jan 12, 2018
oh my :( rest in peace Chirs
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Jan 12, 2018
oh no! my son died!
should i:
a: call 911?
b: go onto his phone and chat with his tengaged friends?
Sent by asjc,Jan 12, 2018
Look I'm not doubting this or anything but uh...the beginning of that whole statement is.....odd...
Sent by MJFJUNE,Jan 12, 2018
I'm so sorry :(
Sent by thewolfman,Jan 12, 2018
Sent by Aerodynamics,Jan 12, 2018
Sent by fuckshroom,Jan 12, 2018
Screen shot it.
Sent by Sackeshi,Jan 12, 2018
This just sounds fake
Sent by Piddu,Jan 12, 2018
screen shot it. I have dealt with suicide and no one uses those words.
Sent by heatherlum,Jan 12, 2018

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