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Well, a few days ago

Mar 2, 2018 by NikoTime
I went to go see my best friend (who is also my crush, hehe) who is about 1 hour and a half away on the bus,

I get there and i go in and we just chill in his room pretty much all afternoon, y'know, watching vids and rehearsing for drama and stuff..

So it gets to about 8pm and we find out the buses have just stopped.. y'know.. poof, they gave up, because of all the snow.. fucking lightweights lol

My home is trying to ring me and stuff asking where i am, but then they get the new that the buses have stopped and that they'll have to come pick me up

Well, they turned around and said that there was no way they were picking me up in this weather, so that i'd have to hand the phone over to my best friends mom to see if i can stop there for the night

Well, fuck me and call me Sam, it was fine with her (honestly, she treats me like a son because she knows i dont have a mom, i love her) and my best friend was like 'you can sleep with me if ya want'

Well, i wasnt gonna say no to that, lol, honestly, its my dream and tbh, i think he kinda likes me too, he asked me out on a date today :P

So, we juct chill some more before he just lays back and hugs me and stuff, he's complimenting me and everything, and im like 'aw, thanks, but no, im not cute' and all that kind of stuff..

Well.. pretty weird, he insists im cute and then it just goes a bit quiet, and here we are, laying next to eachother, facing each other (i cant look in his eyes because of my asperger's syndrome)

and then, we kind of do this thing where we just close in on eachother and do all sorts of these cute things that people do, y'know, nose boops and shit like that, it got a lil weird there

But then, he eventually just turned his head and then we just randomly, out of no where, we end up kissing.. like... honestly.. im kissing my crush!

Well, that wasnt the only time we kissed that night and we hugged some more, and then we just fell asleep in eachother's arms..

What a night.. never knew i'd enjoy being snowed in so damn much..


Sent by EyooMarcus,Mar 2, 2018
Too cute nikotime
Sent by adamgrant,Mar 2, 2018
Aww nikotime ❤❤❤ that is too cute!!
Sent by TaraG,Mar 2, 2018

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