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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games 102: Districts 4, 5 and 6

Feb 25, 2021 by NanoNerd
District 1

M-Timothy ( BBlover96)
F-Sparkle ( franzella)

District 2

M-Seth ( BarbraStreisand)
F-Dani ( CarolinaSteele)

District 3

M-Kaleb ( pudrulz)
F-Timberlie ( tbrown_47)

District 4 (1 Win)

M-Mark ( Mrkk)
F-Ellie ( Becksta20)

District 5

M-Dunkin ( Crayadian)
F-Xonox ( Yandereboy12)

District 6

M-Tycen ( Fritide)
F-Agatha (@LaylaLove)

District 7

M-Matt ( smuguy2012)
F-Jadine ( SAWCHUK55)

District 8

M-Dennis ( quackattack817)
F-Ji ( JonMcGillis)

District 9

M-Hayden ( hayden9102)
F-Rachelle ( humanwebjet1)

District 10

M-Mason ( iiCreazyGX)
F-Patricia ( ITZ3THAN)

District 11

M-Cesaro ( kingjames13)
F-Rue ( Chels052_)

District 12

M-Pita ( DBonee)
F-Catpiss ( Joshgillespie)

-District 4-

Mark Dargan (Male Tribute)
Age: 16

Mark has basically lived outdoors all his life. He has a nice home, but he spends all his time hunting, fishing, and doing a bunch of other outdoor activities. That is, when he’s not training for the games.

Mark was able to barely win the last round of the selection process, and all of his training finally paid off. He was excited to finally play in the Hunger Games... until he learned that this year, the tributes would be fighting in an underground bunker. Being locked inside will be a disadvantage for him, won’t it?

Ellie Conant (Female Tribute)
Age: 15

Ellie grew up with all the privileges in the world. She was rich, she was popular... she even had a boyfriend every 2 months.
She had also been training for the Hunger Games her entire life, and this year, she finally won the process.

However, after winning the roll as tribute, she realized that she wouldn’t have the privileges she had at home. She quickly began to regret wasting her life training for the games. But that doesn’t mean she won’t try to win.

-District 5-

Dunkin Ellwood (Male Tribute)
Age: 16

Dunkin was always a troublemaker. He always stole from markets, drank while underage, drove way past the speed limit, you name it.

After Dunkin was reaped, he figured he was probably gonna die. But he also thought that this was his chance to commit as much crime as he could without consequences. As far as he’s concerned, he’s going to test the limits of true freedom in that arena.

Xonox Clauss (Female Tribute)
Age: 16

Xonox is part of a secret lab experiment. She was tested with a bunch of unknown serums, with the goal being to create the perfect Hunger Games tribute. Xonox was taken away from her parents as a baby because she had all the traits that the scientists were looking for.

When the reapings came, Xonox volunteered as an order from her scientists. However, she knows they ruined her life. She doesn’t want to reward their damage by making their work pay off.

-District 6-

Tycen Throndsen (Male Tribute)
Age: 12

Tycen loves to travel. He is from District 6, the traveling capital of Panem. He has always wanted to visit the other districts, but has never been allowed to.

Tycen decided that he wanted to volunteer for the games just so he could get out and see people from other districts. But he really wasn’t taking in the fact that he now has a 23/24 chance of getting killed.

Agatha Berezin (Female Tribute)
Age: 12

Agatha never thought that she would be afraid for one moment in her life. She had loving parents, a good home, plenty of food, and a very small chance of being reaped. However, a small chance is still a chance, and Agatha’s name was pulled out.

Agatha thought she would get to live a long life, that she wouldn’t have to worry about getting reaped for the games. But sadly, she became too confident, and will now have to toughen up if she wants to get back to her happy life.



Im such a sexy lab experiment
Sent by Yandereboy12,Feb 25, 2021
I hope and pray my district partner is able to carry me to the end
Sent by Crayadian,Feb 25, 2021
Yandereboy12 careful, she’s 16.
Sent by NanoNerd,Feb 25, 2021

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