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  3. This season is literally so good
  4. My avi is rly cute
  5. Stars ppl
  6. whos playing in veto
  7. Who do I contact about sexual harassment?
  8. who does it seem
  10. prays
  11. feeds ppl
  12. When does
  13. Does anyone wanna buy me a candle
  14. Azealia delivered
  15. vote for MARIE :)
  16. I don't watch feeds
  17. sittin
  18. Kaitlyn is so good
  19. It's interesting
  20. Y’all are so mad
  21. TOUCHDOWN!!! YES!!
  22. I can't believe
  23. Hey crackers
  24. 07/30/2018
  25. RPDR
  26. what time is BB tonight
  27. Okay... need to confront this
  28. All yall ugly ass faggots
  29. runs my fingers down Jgoodies chest
  30. Giggles
  31. No returning players xxxx
  32. Confessional
  33. who the fuck is fighterman
  34. some1 buy me robux thanks xo
  36. Any1 tried
  37. Natalie Cole wins Survivor
  38. OMG
  39. I'm so bothered
  40. Queer Eye

Okay... need to confront this

Jun 28, 2018 by MarieTori
Ok bearface u think i fucking lied about being kicked out a bar like im an attention seeker? U really are a dumb bitch because first of all, why the fuck would i ever make shit like that up, second of all, u never even spoke to me about it or heard details and u are quick to assume its fake. Sorry hun but i dont need to fake having a social life cuz i actually have one unlike u because according to ur comments, the concept of leaving your house BAFFLES you. So maybe instead of accussing people of lying when u dont know anything at a time when im not here to defend myself, you should take a bath cuz we know ur ass hasnt left the house and the only time u do is to fuck guys on grindr and complain to everyone about how all white people are racist. Get a real education while ur at it because even though i jokingly act like a 13 year old on here, ur iq is lower than any 13 year old ive ever met xoxo


+11 as u requested
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ya mama
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