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  1. minus those couple white guys
  2. a bit about me
  3. Someone rated my avi a 4
  4. Do yall
  5. AS5
  6. If you could meet up with one person
  7. ALERT
  8. Watch CLAWS on hulu pls :(
  9. any1 wanna be friends
  10. PYN
  11. is Davonne not on next ssn of the challenge?
  12. damn
  13. Can someone please find me a link
  14. They killed Maergery for THIS?
  15. Jenna Morasca robbed.
  16. Does anyone
  17. does any1 have a link
  18. RPDR..... huh?
  19. Lauren-Ashley Beck
  20. cock i want to gobble
  21. hey
  22. boys i want to blow
  23. me after i join stars
  24. Lauren O'Connell.
  25. Gods not real huns
  26. is this a fucking joke
  27. im adopting a dog named Fish
  28. need a good show to watch on netflix
  29. thats what yall get :)
  30. Hi ladies x
  31. matt bomer is so hot
  32. Why was my comment deleted
  33. ppl on here
  34. ev1 post the pic b0ned posted
  35. how is a pic
  36. black for b0ned
  37. where can i watch untucked sesaon 5
  38. Boys I want to rim =]
  39. suck my fucking toes
  40. Can you un-adopt someone?

How is the 100 this season?

Jun 7, 2018 by MarieTori
I watched the first 2 eps, need to catch up. Is it bad?

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