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Survivor 40 Ep2 Ranking

Feb 25, 2020 by Macda27
Continuing from last episode, I rank these people based on how good position they are in, entertainment and events that occurred in the episode.

20th: Amber (Once again, she’s so sweet but I’m not really a fan of her gameplay)
19th: Danni (I mean you saw the episode. Paranoia the HOUSE)
18th: Tyson (Was barely in the episode and is in a bad position atm)
17th: Nick (Was barely in the episode, although in a good position I don’t see him winning)
16th: Natalie (Shes out of the game but helping Jeremy out, what a QUEEN)
15th: Michele (She was sorta in the episode but only just to chat with Adam and Denise)
14th: Kim (Shes in a bad position but she found the idol)
13th: Wendell (No airtime, not sure if I see him winning, finalist at best)
12th: Ben (Absolute nutjob, he’s a big target already)
11th: Jeremy (He’s able to do well and getting help from Natalie)
10th: Sandra (Not much airtime but she’s in a good position)
9th: Sarah (Got good allies atm)
8th: Tony (Was entertaining, also good on allies)
7th: Sophie (In a really good position right now, one of the best)
6th: Ethan (He’s Rob’s puppydog, in a good position but he needs to make moves)
5th: Parvati (Same as Ethan but she has more of a chance to blindside Rob)
4th: Rob (Good position, most storyline however he could be booted soon)
3rd: Adam (In a good position, he’s hoping to vote out a big target soon)
2nd: Denise (Went from flop to cop, that idol. She and Adam are a good duo)
1st: Yul (Although not much airtime he definitely rivals Rob without people realising)


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